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Ideas for Sale

Growing Pains
Resources, competition, and our institutional character

When the focus shifts to the bottom line, basic research always takes a hit.
Margo Bagley, Assistant Professor of Law

Technology transfer is just a subset of knowledge transfer.
Dennis Liotta, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Chemistry

New: "If technology transfer offers a solution to the funding crisis in higher education, it does so only in a very limited way."
An interview with Lanny Liebeskind, Professor of Chemistry

Show me the money . . .
1997 licensing income and patents from Emory and other institutions

What is applied research?

How does funding work in the sciences?

Academic Exchange December 1999/January 2000 Contents Page


On a sense of decline in the humanities: The "sole practitioner style" of work "differentiates the humanities from fields where researchers work in teams, and this tends to diminish the force of the voice in the humanities.

On the humanities and entrepreneurialism: "The humanities not only produce and teach a kind of knowldge 'for sale'; they also deal with the meaning of things. The humanities are the means to explore and understand human nature and the products of human intelligence."

On the appropriation of "meaning making" by politicians and religious leaders: "The humanities have become too important to be left to the humanists."

--Stanley Chodorow, CEO of the California Virtual University and former provost of the University of Pennsylvania, during a talk on "The Future of the Humanities," on campus in September. For a fuller discussion, visit