A selected calendar of events

4 March 1999 Center for Ethics in Public Policy and the Professions Visiting Lecturer Howard Gardner, Professor of Education, Harvard University. Afternoon teaching workshop from 3:30 to 5:00 pm (location TBA, reservations); public lecture titled "Good Work" from 7:30 to 9:00 pm, Cannon Chapel (free, no reservations). Deeply involved in educational reform, Gardner tries to steer the national discussion away from the technical and methodological issues of charter schools, vouchers, and standardized tests. Instead, he argues, "we need to be able to train ways of thinking, so when new stuff comes along, people will be able to say, 'Gee, I know how to approach that because of some ways of thinking that I've learned.' " Call 727-5048. Website: www.emory.edu/ETHICS/calendar.html

15 March 1999, Faculty Town Hall, 4:00 p.m., Winship Ballroom, DUC. Faculty are invited to discuss tenure at Emory and the current proposals for change with the president, provost, and others.

21-23 March 1999, Sam Nunn/Nationsbank Public Policy Forum on "Ethics in America: The Renewal of Civil Society." Emory Conference Center Hotel (reservations). Times TBA. Speakers will include William Bradley, Donna Shalala, Paul Hawken, Warren Bennis, Stephen Carter and Michael Novak. Website: www.nunnforum.emory.edu.

25 March 1999, Fourth Distinguished Faculty Lecture. Presented by Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Urban Education, 4:00 p.m. Winship Ballroom, DUC. Irvine will speak on "The Education of Children Whose Worst Nightmares Occur Both Night and Day." Director of the Center for Urban Learning/Teaching and Urban Research in Education and Schools, Irvine explores effective instructional strategies for African-American students and issues of race, gender, class and culture in schools.

28-31 March 1999, Richard Ellmann Lectures in Modern Literature, presented by A.S. Byatt. Times and locations TBA. A novelist and literary scholar, Byatt will speak on "Fathers, Forefathers, Ancestors: The Surprising Renaissance of the British Historical Novel." She describes her three-lecture series as "a kind of field study, by a practicing novelist, of ways of writing about the past which seem now possible." Also present will be Philip and Belinda Haas, producers, directors, and co-writers of the film version of Byatt's novel Angels and Insects. There will be several screenings of the film. Call 727-6420.

17-20 May 1999, University Advisory Council on Teaching Workshop. Led by Peter Seldin, Distinguished Professor of Management, Pace University, times and locations TBA. Author of eleven books on teaching, Seldin and four mentors will lead this intensive, four-day workshop on "Developing Teaching Portfolios at Emory." Seldin and his team have led similar workshops at more than two hundred colleges and universities. Space is available for forty-two Emory faculty, who will each receive a $500 stipend. Contact Patty King, UACT assistant, at 727-5285 or pking@emory.edu.


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