On the fringes

Data from a 1998 Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium study of faculty fringe benefits at 121 private colleges and universities showed that Emory has the third-highest average fringe benefits package for faculty among eight peer universities. The analysis examined retirement benefits, educational benefits, worker's compensation, Federal Insurance Contribution Act (Social Security and Medicare) contributions, and medical, diability, unemployment, and group life insurance benefits. Included in the comparison were Duke University, Emory, Georgetown University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tulane University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Washington University.

Ranking highest in the analysis was Pennsylvania, with an average benefits package valued at $22,515. MIT ranked second, with an average package of $21,945. Emory's third-ranked package was valued at $21,263. Duke ranked in fourth place, with an average benefit package of $19,168. Washington and Tulane ranked seventh and eighth, with packages averaging $15,226 and $13,969, respectively.


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