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Welcome to the LearnLink Conference of The Academic Exchange. We recognize that vigorous and candid discourse often happens spontaneously, in a way that the controlled, deliberate confines of the print publication process do not lend themselves. We offer, therefore, this forum for debate and inquiry at a more rapid pace than the print version of The Academic Exchange allows. Here we hope to encourage more immediate participation in this new forum for intellectual exchange on research issues, pedagogical concerns, and university governance--matters of critical significance to faculty work and life at Emory.

We have begun with two sub-conferences devoted to the topics introduced in the first issue of the Exchange. If, however, there are other matters you would like to open for discussion, please use this main conference to introduce them. If participation merits, we will create a separate conference for those conversations.

While the main purpose of this conference is to continue discussions in a more immediate context, we may from time to time ask conference participants for consent to reprint their remarks in the print publication. No posting will be published without the author's permission.

Over time, we hope that the electronic presence of The Academic Exchange will grow in complexity and content. Please let us know what you would like to see develop on our website and in this conference.

Thank you,
Allison Adams
Managing Editor
The Academic Exchange
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