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Discipline Envy
What does interdisciplinary scholarship mean at Emory?
Now available: a new report on graduate education and the crisis in the humanities. Also includes an interview with John Witte, director of the Program in Law and Religion, and an essay by Arri Eisen, director of the Program in Science and Society

Is a Globalization Backlash Occurring?
The full-length version of a faculty roundtable discussion Featuring Frank Lechner (Sociology), Deborah McFarland (Public Health), Thomas Remington (Political Science), and Jeff Rosensweig (Business)

A view of Emory from Psychiatry Professor Barbara Rothbaum

More on tenure
 Get wired
High-tech faculty resources
 Vade Mecum
Philosophy professor Pamela Hall and cowboy metaphysics
 Shape the debate
Future topics for discussion in The Academic Exchange
 500 miles away from home
Statistics on the 1998-99 freshman class
A selected calendar of events and deadlines

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