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High-tech resources for faculty

Emory provides a bevy of people and machines whose job it is to make faculty work and life more interesting and efficient. Compiled here are some of the resources available to faculty through a variety of campus initiatives and partnerships.

The Faculty Information Technology Center, a joint effort of the Information Technology Division (ITD) and the Emory Libraries located in Woodruff Library, offers a variety of technological tools for research and instruction, a facility for creating instructional materials using different types of computer technology, software, books, CD-ROMs, seminars on technology issues of interest to educators, and consultation on using or developing technology for instruction and research. Contact: Caroline Landrum (727-7656, Website:

The Multimedia Center , also a joint effort of ITD and the Emory Libraries located in Woodruff Library, provides computer resources in a hands-on environment. Staff members will help you scan images, design a presentation, create a web page, edit audio and video clips, or develop your own new media applications. Resources include desktop publishing, digital or VHS video editing, digital imaging, presentation design, or virtual reality production. Minimal fees for audio and video duplication, digital imaging, CD-ROM production, copying of images to slide, and other duplication services. Contact: Kim Braxton (727-9019, Website:

The Beck Center for Electronic Collections and Services, a service of Woodruff Library, acquires and provides access to full-text databases, electronic journals, numerical datafiles, and multimedia titles for research and instruction. Some of these electronic texts are available to Emory users via the web, and others are accessible on machines in the Beck Center. Contact: Chuck Spornick 7-6954, Website:

Videoconferencing, offered in several offices university-wide for academic and administrative use, is available in two types, classroom and desktop. Both systems provide face-to-face communications via the Internet, telecommunication, and satellite networks. Contacts:

Emory's Center for Interactive Teaching, an ITD service on the first floor of Candler Library, provides support personnel and facilities to help Emory faculty incorporate multimedia technology into their teaching (the facility will move to Woodruff Library in late summer). An array of interactive technology includes web site development, digital video and audio, electronic bulletin boards, virtual collaboration and videoconferencing. Contact: Wayne Morse (727-6708, Website:

The Instructional Computing Development Fund was established to enhance undergraduate learning in Emory College through computing and related information technology, such as multimedia. The focus of this fund is on undergraduate education and the improvement of instruction and learning through technology. Guidelines at

The Culpeper/CTC Program in Teaching and Technology, jointly sponsored by the Charles E. Culpeper Foundation and College's Center for Teaching and Curriculum, is designed to help educators better use Emory's technological resources in the classroom. This year's program includes six professor/graduate student teams, each working on a project of their own design. See our schedule, which includes links to sites and materials used in the seminar. Contact: Harry Rusche (727-6426, Web site:

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