Managing Editor
Allison O. Adams

Assistant Editor
Amy Benson Brown

Vicki Hertzberg
Hal Jacobs
Lois Overbeck
Daniel Teodorescu

Other Voices in This Issue
David Blumenthal, Religion
Johnnetta Cole, Anthropology
Hashem Dezhbakhsh, Economics
David Garrow, Law
Luke Johnson, Theology
Ivan Karp, ILA
Arthur Kellermann, Public Health
Deborah Lipstadt, Religion
Jagdish Sheth, Business

Kathy Badonsky

Editorial Advisers

William B. Cody
Oxford College

James W. Fowler
Ethics Center

Susan H. Frost
Institutional Planning and Research

Gordon D. Newby
Emory College

Walter L. Reed
Emory College

October/November 1999

What's New
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The Public and the Intellectuals
Seeing and speaking beyond the academy
The intellectual and the bureaucracy

"How do you use the media without becoming a creature of the media?"

"We should be able to communicate what we create with equal fluency."

Rebuilding the "infostructure"

Tenure and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Change is inevitable
By Vicki Hertzberg Associate Professor, School of Public Health

The Seventy Faces of American Jewish Studies
Emory scholars confront a field rocked by controversy
By Amy Benson Brown

Portrait of a Faculty
Survey shows Emory professors more likely to receive job offers elsewhere, consider time pressures greatest stress
By Daniel Teodorescu

Word and Image
Samuel Beckett and the Visual Text--An Exhibition and Symposium
By Lois More Overbeck, Research Associate and Associate Editor, The Correspondence of Samuel Beckett

 Quantitatively Yours
Using the Electronic Data Center for teaching and research

Does your research
concern Atlanta?

A selected calendar of events
and deadlines

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Stopping the Tenure Clock for Emory's Junior Faculty: Would family-friendly delays of tenure be fair for all?

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