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November 12, 1999

Vade Mecum
Reviews and news of timely books on intellectual property, the history of garbage, and intellectual women and motherhood

November 5, 1999

Word & Image: Samuel Beckett and the Visual Text, November 11-13, 1999
Symposium and Exhibition Information Here
Symposium keynote delivered by Marjorie Perloff, Patek Professor of Humanities, Stanford University. Other speakers include Beckett bibliographer Breon Mitchell of Indiana University and artists/publishers Manfred Gartstka, Charles Kalbunde, Dellas Henke, Sorel Etrog, and Hans Brøndum.

The Seventy Faces of American Jewish Studies
The Cairo Genizah project now available to Jewish studies scholars
The accessibility of this archive, says Daniel Boyarin, a professor Talmudic culture at UC Berkeley, "is a momentous event. It's on the order of the full publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls."

October 19, 1999

"Making a Place for the New American Scholar"
From Eugene Rice, Director of the Forum on Faculty Roles and Responsibilities, The American Association of Higher Education. Dr. Rice will be visiting Emory on November 18 & 19.

Movie-Going in Atlanta
Special issue of Atlanta History: A Journal of Georgia and the South co-edited by Dana White, Professor in the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts, and Matthew Bernstein, Associate Professor of Film Studies.

The Public and the Intellectuals
A University Decides That Its Ph.D.'s Should Be Able to Talk to Average Joes
From the Chronicle of Higher Education, October 8, 1999

The Uncertain Value of Training Public Intellectuals
From the Chronicle of Higher Education, September 24, 1999

Do Academic Giants Still Walk the Earth?
From the Chronicle of Higher Education, September 10, 1999

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