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September 1999

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  • What's your opinion of post-tenure review at Emory? CLICK HERE
    Discussion and quick survey

  • Should internal resources such as University Research Committee grants be closed to senior faculty? CLICK HERE
    Discussion and quick survey

  • Are public confessions and expressions of remorse by public figures steps toward healing, or are they acts of cathartic self-indulgence? CLICK HERE

  • Are advanced reproductive technologies leading to "boutique medicine?"


Resources, Risk, and Reward
Getting what you need as a faculty member
An academic phsycian's ambivalence about money and biomedicine

"Talent is something to be fostered rather than exploited"

"I think sometimes [internal support] becomes a way of not going out and getting external support."

Post-tenure review: threat or opportunity?

Anatomy of an Apology
Reflections on the 1997 presidential apology for the syphilis study at Tuskegee
By Stephen B. Thomas, Associate Professor, School of Public Health

A stained-glass apology and other reconciliations
Additional commentary from Associate Professor of Art History Elizabeth Pastan, Professor of Psychology Frans de Waal, and Oxford College Professor of English Lucas Carpenter

A view of Emory from Professor Dana White, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts

Reproductive Revolutions
Are advanced reproductive technologies leading to boutique medicine?

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