Determining accommodations

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Demystifying Learning Disabilities
Equity and accommodation in the classroom

"I worry that there's an entire industry out there
of gurus who are basically getting paid nicely to create these diagnoses, which may be built on sand."

--Darryl Neill, Professor and Chair of Psychology

"We need to find the common ground between
teaching style and the characteristics of the learner."

--Wendy Newby, Director of Faculty Resources for Disabilities

Easing Tensions

Academic Exchange October/November 2000 Contents Page

The Office of Disability Services (ODS), says its director, Gloria McCord, follows stringent criteria in documenting a learning disability diagnosis and determining the academic accommodations for each student who registers with ODS. A combination of information from the student's doctor or licensed diagnostician, interviews with the student, and diagnostic test results (such as the Nelson-Denny Reading Skills Test or the Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test) leads to the requested accommodations. For more information on ODS, visit