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September 2000

At A Crossroads
The future of graduate education at Emory

By Amy Benson Brown

We need to develop a broader curriculum . . . to better prepare students for non-academic
career paths.

--Bryan Noe
Professor of Cell Biology

Changing the curriculum to prepare students for non-academic careers could be a gross mistake.
--Pam Hall
Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies

New findings on Emory Graduate Students

A tale of three Ph.Ds

The Ultimate Sanction
New proceedings promise more clarity in hearings for dismissed, reassigned, or suspended faculty

By Allison O. Adams

Faculty, Students, and Emotional
The problematic blurring of public and private spheres

By Martine Watson Brownley
Goodrich C. White Professor of English and Winship Distinguished Research Professor

Brainstorms or Physics Envy?
A philosopher's response to behavioral neuroscience

By Kent Linville
Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean
of Oxford College

Art and Science
Closer than you think
By Sidney Perkowitz
Department of Physics
Juliette Stapanian Apkarian
Department of Russian and East Asian Studies

A selection of remarks by recent speakers on campus

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