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October 12, 2000:
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October 4, 2000:
Ph.D.s Mean Business?
See the New York Times from Sunday, October 2, 2000, for an article on how the growing number of Ph.D.s being hired by major consulting firms is causing some to question the value of the M.B.A. "A Matter of Degree?" by David Leonhardt examines hiring practices by McKinsey & Company, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and the Boston Consulting Group. Internal studies conducted by some of these firms find that after one, three, and seven years the performance of Ph.D.s is at least as good as, if not better than, that of their colleagues with M.B.A.s. The new wave of start-up.coms may be making M.B.A.s less interested in consulting jobs. Leonhardt points out, however, that "those same companies are now . . . getting advice from consultants who spent most of their academic careers learning to read Chaucer or to diagnose strep throat."

September 29, 2000:
Work of two Emory faculty appears in this week's Chronicle of Higher Education, historian Michael Bellesiles and literary critic Ron Schuchard.

September 22, 2000:
"At a Crossroads" continued ...
Resouces for non-academic employment for Ph.D.s including articles, websites, columns, listservs, and books.