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April / May 2001

History, Horror, Healing
Faculty deliberations on lynching photography examine racial and historical understanding

The images bring up such visceral feelings . . . , we're not really having the right kinds of conversations in this shared moment of seeing those pictures.
--Natasha Barnes
Assistant Professor of English

Among other things, these pictures ask how this torture could be committed by people who in other aspects of their lives were reasonable, law-abiding citizens.
--Mark Bauerlein
Professor of English

Lynching in America: Selected resources

"It is far easier to view what is depicted on these pages as so depraved and barbaric as to be beyond the realm of reason.

The Napster Episode
A new version of the same old song

By Timothy J. Dowd, Associate Professor of Sociology

Joining the Social Conversation
When professorial advice intimidates students, can peer tutors help?

By Deborah Ayer, Writing Center Director

The Significance of Stress
Emory researchers probe childhood and mental illness

By Amy Benson Brown

Substantive Interaction Across Disciplines
Exploring the impact of the Luce Seminars

By Paul Jean, Research Associate, Office of Institutional Planning and Research, and Doctoral Candidate in Sociology

A selection of remarks by recent speakers on campus

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