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December 2000 / January 2001

The problem of defining Emory's most elusive year

By Amy Benson Brown

"What is striking about today's academic professionals is the frequently agonizing way they perceive their workloads.
--John Banja
Clinical Ethicist at the Center for Ethics in Public Policy and the Professions

"Even on a college campus, interpersonal problems, if not dealt with quickly and adequately, can escalate into violence.
--Bob Agnew
Professor of Sociology and past director of the Program in Violence Studies

Intellectual content on the conference table

Difference Politicized
Reflections on Contemporary Race Theory

By Mark Sanders, Associate Professor of English and Director of African American Studies

Race Theory: A Selected Bibliography

AE Weekly

The Reconciliation Sutras of Two Twentieth-Century Doctors of Nonviolence
Mahatma K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

By Purushottama Bilimoria, Rockefeller Fellow and Visiting Professor in the Center for Public Scholarship and the Department of Religion

Challenges for New Faculty
A review

By Theodore Brelsford, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion and Education, Candler

Disability and the Academy
A field comes of age

By Amy Benson Brown

A selection of remarks by recent speakers on campus

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