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February / March 2001

Where the Sidewalk Ends
New scholarly approaches to Atlanta's environment both complement and collide

Georgia on their minds

I'm a scholar, but I'm also a citizen. I separate the two somewhat, but I think the purpose of acquiring knowledge is to improve the world.
--Howard Frumkin
Associate Professor and Chair, Environmental and Occupational Health, School of Public Health

My advocacy comes in demonstrating that environmentally sound decisions can be really good for businesses. They don't have to decide to spend money for what feels like no return except to get Greenpeace off their backs.
--Steven Walton
Assistant Professor of Decision and Information Analysis, Business School

The Big Squeeze
Crises in scholarly publishing and library acquisitions put pressure on faculty

By Steve Strange, Associate Professor of Philosophy

The Library, the University, and Communities of Readers
The changing and unchanging nature of research collections

By Steven Enniss, Curator of Literary Collections, Woodruff library

The Undisciplined, the Multidisciplined, and the Interdisciplined
Reflections on a half-century's academic journey

By Andre Nahmias, Richard W. Blumberg Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Pathology and Public Health

A selection of remarks by recent speakers on campus

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