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September 11: Scholarly Responses

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September 11: Scholarly Responses
"The One That Gets Past You"
An essay on trends in terrorism by Associate Professor of Political Science James Larry Taulbee
December 10, 2001

September 11: Scholarly Responses
Professor of Political Science Dan Reiter compares the conflict in Afghanistan to the Vietnam War
December 3, 2001

Children of Abraham
Professor of Middle Eastern Studies Gordon Newby examines common ground and divisions among Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in this essay for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
November 19, 2001

September 11: Scholarly Responses
Religion and Terrorism, remarks by Richard Martin, professor of history of religions and Islamic studies
November 12, 2001

Get out of your car
A professor of English's take on Atlanta's automobile culture
November 8, 2001

Lodge on Psychoanalysis and the Modern Novel
An excerpt from the Richard Ellman Lectures in Modern Literature
November 5, 2001

September 11: Scholarly Responses
An interview with James Curran, Dean of the School of Public Health
October 29, 2001

Anthrax Reality Check

A CDC bio-epidemiologist speaks on campus
October 23, 2001

More on Addiction Research
An Interview with Claire Sterk
October 19, 2001

September 11: Scholarly Responses
Abdullahi An-Na’im, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law speaks out on foreign policy
October 8, 2001

Another Stop on the Campus Tour of Satiric Fiction
Don't miss talks by David Lodge this week
October 8, 2001

September 11: Scholarly Responses
effrey Walker begins this Academic Exchange series by commenting on the new urgency of understanding rhetoric October 3, 2001

























































Current Issue

Is uncivil discourse quelling scholarship on controversial issues?

September 11:
Scholarly Responses

Living with the Dead
History, politics, and loss
Gary Laderman, Associate Professor of Religion

Confronting the traumatic aftermath
Barbara O. Rothbaum, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

The State of the Disciplines
A Slice of Life
One biologist's view of modern biology
George H. Jones, Professor of Biology

Begins at Home

Remembering African-American contributions at Emory and Oxford
Mark Auslander, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Oxford College