September 2001


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Rising Star of Disability Studies Joins Emory Faculty
Women's Studies welcomes Rosemary Garland-Thomson.
September 19, 2001.

Another Stop on the Campus Tour of Satiric Fiction
David Lodge coming in October
September 6, 2001

Lynching Exhibit Site Announced
Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Site to host lynching postcards exhibit
August 30, 2001

On the Media and Medicine
Emory doc argues against advertising prescription drugs.
August 29, 2001

Post-Doc Distress in the News

More science post-docs than ever before find the tenure-track elusive.
August 29, 2001

Teaching-learning connections
Mel Levine, noted for his work on learning disabilities, to visit in September.
August 8, 2001

Proulx-dent recommendation
Summer reading suggestion from Annie Proulx
Ju1y 27, 2001

Online archive pilot program
Harvard Library's experimental electronic journal archive
July 25, 2001

Suffering in the humanities?
No, according to a new study by researchers at Cornell University.
July 12, 2001























Current Issue

The Springtime of our Discontent
Were last semester's debates on the future of the arts and sciences a turning point?

Janus the Dean
Looking both ways at once
David F. Bright, Professor of classics and comparative literature

Teaching at Emory
Commotion or conversation?
Walter Reed, Professor of English and former chair, University Adivsory Council on Teaching

The Differences that
Divide Us

Is talk of reconciliation in the academy only talk?
Amy S. Lang, Associate Professor, Graduate Insitute of the Liberal Arts

Academic Life by the Book
A campus tour of satiric fictions
Shalom M. Goldman, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies



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