February/March 2002


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September 11: Scholarly Responses

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Highlights from EduCATE

Excerpts from two talks at EduCATE: A Forum for Teaching and Technology, held on campus March 25-26, 2002
April 3, 2002

The Rise and Fall of TB
An excerpt from a talk by Kenneth G. Castro, Director of the Division for Tuberculosis Elimination at Centers for Disease Control
March 26, 2002

September 11: Scholarly Responses
Sandra B. Dunbar, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Cardiovascular Nursing, on coping in times of tragedy
March 18, 2002

Ethics in Lean Times
An excerpt from an essay coming out in the April Academic Exchange by James Fowler on changing employee compensation and benefits at Emory
March 8, 2002

A Request for Collegial Input
Candler Professor of Physics Sidney Perkowitz asks for help with his latest science book for general readers, Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids
March 4, 2002

The Difference between the DSM and the Ten Commandments:
Science and Society Professor Howard Kushner on the biological revolution and neuropsychiatry
February 26, 2002

"Tummo, Toughening Up, and the Training of Desire":
An excerpt from a recent lecture given by psychiatrist Charles Raison, featured in "Mind, Body, Medicine"
February 20, 2002

Nursing in the News:
In the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Emory Dean of Nursing Marla Salmon comments on the coming crisis in nursing education
January 16, 2002

Tenenbaum Time:
James Carroll, author of Constantine's Sword, to deliver Tenenbaum Lecture on February 4
January 10, 2002

September 11: Scholarly Responses
"The One That Gets Past You"
An essay on trends in terrorism by Associate Professor of Political Science James Larry Taulbee
December 10, 2001

September 11: Scholarly Responses
Professor of Political Science Dan Reiter compares the conflict in Afghanistan to the Vietnam War
December 3, 2001

























































































































Current Issue

Mind, Body, Medicine
Is revolution brewing in medical research?

Continued Conversations
Dystopia in the School of Medicine
Clinical service demands endanger physician education
Stefan Tigges, Associate Professor of Radiology

September 11:
Scholarly Responses

Patriotism and the Press
When the news comes veiled in stars and stripes, something powerful is lost
Catherine S. Manegold, James M. Cox Professor of Journalism

Making the Most of Our Intellectual Passions
The Commission on Research at Emory
Claire Sterk, Professor and Chair, Behavioral Science and Health Education, School of Public Health

The State of the Disciplines
The Rise of the Women's Studies Ph.D.
A lively market and uncertain implications
Beth Reingold, Associate Professor of Political Science