October/November 2002


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Race and Retention
Emory's Department of Political Science will lose three professors, all African American, by the end of this year.
November 19, 2002

Time, not Money
Some faculty at other universities are negotiating for more time with their families, not bigger compensation packages.
November 14, 2002

Shrinking Budgets at Private Universities
Today's New York Times examines reduced endowment returns and spending cuts at Stanford, Duke, MIT, Dartmouth, and Emory.
November 5, 2002

Resources for Crossing the Great Divide
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Karen Stolley's bibliography from her essay on faculty-trustee relationships
November 4, 2002

From Fat Jeans to Fat Genes?
Excerpts from a talk by Kathleen LeBesco, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, Marymount Manhattan College, speaking at a Women's Studies colloquium on October 2, 2002.

How are other institutions coping with fiscal shortfalls?
Read summaries of a few recent Chronicle of Higher Education articles
September 30, 2002

"History is late"
Read a new poem by Lucas Carpenter, as part of our series, September 11, Scholarly Responses
September 12, 2002

New Emory Report on Faculty Recruitment

Read "Why Faculty Come to Emory" by Daniel Teodorescu, Director of the Office of Institutional Research
September 5, 2002


























































































































































Current Issue

Advise and Consent:
Taking Faculty Governance Seriously

"Part of what makes universities special is the idea that decisions are made collectively by a group of scholars. It's an important goal that needs to be sustained."
Robert Schapiro, Associate Professor of Law

"I think there are limits to faculty governance; it stops short of management."
Micheal Giles, Goodrich C. White Professor of Political Science

Fostering Frank and Healthy Communication:
The past and future of the University Senate

William T. Branch Jr., Carter Smith Sr. Professor of Medicine and President, University Senate

Crossing the Great Divide:
Enhancing faculty-trustee communication

Karen Stolley, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

"My Desperate Life as a Sound Byte!"
And other tabloid healdines for the publicized intellectual

Mark Jordan, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Religion

Faculty Gender Equity at Emory:
PCSW study finds both fairness and imbalances

Daniel Teodorescu, Director of Institutionsl Research, and Beth Seelig, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Chair, President's Commission on the Status of Women