October/November 2002


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September 11: Scholarly Responses

Tenure and Promotion
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What's New

How are other institutions coping with fiscal shortfalls?
Read summaries of a few recent Chronicle of Higher Education articles
September 30, 2002

"History is late"
Read a new poem by Lucas Carpenter, as part of our series, September 11, Scholarly Responses
September 12, 2002

New Emory Report on Faculty Recruitment

Read "Why Faculty Come to Emory" by Daniel Teodorescu, Director of the Office of Institutional Research
September 5, 2002

Tenure Without a Book?
MLA president urges tenure and promotion committees to rethink the "one book minimum"requirement for tenure
July 8, 2002

The Controversy Continues
Two years after the Lipstadt trial, the David Irving libel case still generates news
June 25, 2002

W.S. Merwin Praises Book By Franklin D. Lewis
A positive review of Rumi--Past and Present, East and West in The New York Review of Books
June 24, 2002

3TC Dispute Settled
Emory settles patent dispute with pharmaceutical companies
June 11, 2002

Tough Times on the Mommy Track
An excerpt from a talk by Joan Williams, Director of the Program on Gender, Work, and Family at American University Law School
June 5, 2002

Statistics in the Service of Human Rights
An excerpt from a talk by Richard Claude, Professor Emeritus of Government and Politics at University of Maryland
June 5, 2002


























Highlights from EduCATE

Excerpts from two talks at EduCATE: A Forum for Teaching and Technology, held on campus March 25-26, 2002
April 3, 2002

The Rise and Fall of TB
An excerpt from a talk by Kenneth G. Castro, Director of the Division for Tuberculosis Elimination at Centers for Disease Control
March 26, 2002

September 11: Scholarly Responses
Sandra B. Dunbar, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Cardiovascular Nursing, on coping in times of tragedy
March 18, 2002

Ethics in Lean Times
An excerpt from an essay coming out in the April Academic Exchange by James Fowler on changing employee compensation and benefits at Emory
March 8, 2002

A Request for Collegial Input
Candler Professor of Physics Sidney Perkowitz asks for help with his latest science book for general readers, Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids
March 4, 2002


























































































































































Current Issue

Staying Power
Challenges in faculty recruitment and retention at Emory

"The university should give faculty an umbilical cord they'd be unwilling to cut."
Samuel Dudley, Assistant Professor of Cardiology

"We are in danger of losing our most precious resource: our scholarly capital."
Sharon Strocchia, Associate Professor of History

The Value of Children:
Should the university partner with parenting faculty?

Carol Rowland Hogue,
Professor of Maternal and Child Health

Accountability and Faculty Time: What counts as teaching?
Sherryl H. Goodman
Professor of Psychology

Other Ways of Being Modern: Cultural homogeneity or diversity in the contemporary world?
Bruce Knauft, Samuel C. Dobbs Professor of Anthropology

Paperless Presentism: Academic life is driven by the electronic moment
James H. Morey, Associate Professor of English