April/May 2003


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What's New
More on commerce and the culture of the academy
Derek Bok discusses the commercialization of the academy on NPR's Fresh Air.
June 30, 2003

Paul named Emory College dean
Robert Paul appointed to post he has held as interim since fall 2001.
May 20, 2003

Political Science Professor Named Carnegie Scholar
Associate Professor Carrie Rosefsky Wickham first Emory scholar to receive honor.
May 16, 2003

Classroom on the Quad Speeches available on AE Web Site
Click on the above link to go to an archive of most of the addresses delivered on the Quadrangle March 26.
April 7, 2003

Classroom on the Quad Scheduled for March 26
A forum embracing Emory's multiple perspectives on the U.S. and Iraq will take place next Wednesday.
March 20, 2003

President Chace Responds to Faculty Critique of Benefits Cuts
Emory "is not immune to the economic downturn," he writes.
March 10, 2003

Faculty Speak Out on Benefits Cuts
Professors Bugge, Konner, and Roark say decision has "undermined trust and demoralized our faculty."

March 6, 2003

This Can’t Be Mud Wrestling
An Interview with William Germano, Vice President and Publishing Director of Routledge, on Scholarly Publishing
March 3, 2003

Faculty Debate Threats to Academic Freedom
Paul H. Rubin of economics and Harvey Klehr of political science respond to essays in the latest AE on "Academic Freedom in Times of War."
February 25, 2003

Making a Place for Wisdom and Experience
Emory's Emeritus College in the news
February 24, 2003

A Cautionary Tale of Academic Integrity
British government caught plagiarizing
February 10, 2003

Academic Highlights Online
The Office of Institutional Research puts the document Highlights of Excellence and Achievement online.
February 7, 2003

Making Some Green
Critics express concern about the new corporate partnership between Exxon and Stanford University
January 29, 2003

Your Attention, Please
New York Times reports on
growing technological distractions
in college and university
January 2, 2003

Race and Retention
Emory's Department of Political Science will lose three professors, all African American, by the end of this year.
November 19, 2002

Time, not Money
Some faculty at other universities are negotiating for more time with their families, not bigger compensation packages.
November 14, 2002

Shrinking Budgets at Private Universities
Today's New York Times examines reduced endowment returns and spending cuts at Stanford, Duke, MIT, Dartmouth, and Emory.
November 5, 2002

Resources for Crossing the Great Divide
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Karen Stolley's bibliography from her essay on faculty-trustee relationships
November 4, 2002

From Fat Jeans to Fat Genes?
Excerpts from a talk by Kathleen LeBesco, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, Marymount Manhattan College, speaking at a Women's Studies colloquium on October 2, 2002.

How are other institutions coping with fiscal shortfalls?
Read summaries of a few recent Chronicle of Higher Education articles
September 30, 2002

"History is late"
Read a new poem by Lucas Carpenter, as part of our series, September 11, Scholarly Responses
September 12, 2002

New Emory Report on Faculty Recruitment

Read "Why Faculty Come to Emory" by Daniel Teodorescu, Director of the Office of Institutional Research
September 5, 2002






























































































































































Current Issue
What Do You Believe In?
Special Issue on Religion, Healing, and Public Health
Guest-edited by Arri Eisen, Senior Lecturer in Biology and Director, Program in Science and Society

"You can't hide from religion in Georgia. If you don't go after it with a positive agenda, it will come after you."
Gary Gunderson, Director, Interfaith Health Program

"To understand our patients fully, we need to understand their beliefs, or we will not be effective as their healers."
Lori Arviso Alvord, Assistant Professor of Surgery and Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Dartmouth Medical School

New Perspectives on Health and Healing
Can Science and Religion Work Together?

An integrated exploration
A three-pronged approach to health, healing, and spirituality

A cross-cultural perspective
P. Venugopala Rao, Associate Professor of Physics

Mrs. Bradley's body
Carla Gober, Registered Nurse and Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Division of Religion

Spirituality and Modern Medicine
Science on a wing and prayer?

Between Patient and Healer
Four anthropological observations