Money Changes Everything

Help on the horizon

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Money Changes Everything
Commerce, philanthropy, and the culture of the academy

"We should be more creative in thinking about how we reward people for what they've done."
Rich Rothenberg, Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine

"If I'm going to accept [the Sloan Foundation's] money in good faith, I have to minimally carry out their agenda."
Bradd Shore, Professor of Anthropology

University, Inc.
License income, patents, start-ups, and research expenditures for a selection of eleven institutions

Who sees the money?
Emory's recently revised intellectual property ownership policy

Writing Crossover Books
Can scholarship sell?

Agents and advances
For the crossover book

Ex libris
Crossover titles by Emory authors

Help on the horizon
The new program in manuscript development

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This fall the Provost’s Office launched a pilot program in manuscript development to help faculty authors edit and present their book manuscripts to publishers. For more information, contact Amy Benson Brown at