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Feds urged to grow numbers of American study abroad students
Proposed "Lincoln Fellowship" program would raise the number of American college students studying abroad to 500,000
November 19, 2003

Whither international students?
New study shows that the growth rate of foreign students enrolled in U.S. colleges in 2002-03 remained nearly stagnant.
November 7, 2003

Ethics and genetics
A staff editorial in the October 27th issue of the Atlanta Journal Constitution argues that cutting-edge research by Emory, Georgia Tech, and University of Georgia scientists raises important ethical issues
October 30, 2003

A sea change for academic superstars?
An op-ed in the New York Times discusses efforts to turn superstar professors into more active participants in its academic community
October 27, 2003

Great Expectations for the School of Medicine
A medical faculty member adds further greetings and advice offered to Emory's new leadership
September 29, 2003

New York Times Examines Ties between Universities and Corporations
Interview with Tufts professor Sheldon Krimsky about his new book, Science in the Private Interest
September 24, 2003

Health Sciences Receives News of Federal Funding This Week

Winship Cancer Institute receives a planning grant; Emory named part of regional consortium against infectious diseases and bioterrorism
September 5, 2003


Cover Story

The Trouble With Travel
How much have war and epidemic blocked international scholarship?

"International crises of this kind have a major impact on the ability of scholars to collaborate"
Kathryn Yount, Associate Professor of Public Health

"At the moment, I have to postpone the goal of performing this project in Java"
Steven Everett, Associate Professor of Music

Before you go
Various resources exist at Emory to aid faculty with scholarly travel

Travel and students


Also in this Issue

What Pork Knuckles and Academic Excellence Have in Common: The Halle Faculty Study Trip Program
David Cook, Professor of Film Studies, and Peter Wakefield, Program Director, Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning

Trailblazing or Losing Course? Views of interdisciplinary scholarship at Emory
Daniel Teodorescu and Carol Kushner, Office of Institutional Research

Crossing the Bridge: Toward an Applied History of Medicine
Howard I. Kushner, Nat C. Robertson Professor of Science and Society, Department of Behavioral Science and Health Education, Public Health, and Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts


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