The Trouble with Travel

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The Trouble with Travel
How much have war and epidemic blocked international scholarship?

International crises of this kind have a major impact on the ability of scholars to collaborate.
Kathryn Yount, Associate Professor of Public Health

At the moment, I have to postpone the goal of performing this project in Java.
Steven Everett, Associate Professor of Music

Travel and students
Unrest has affected student travel in varying degrees

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Various resources exist at Emory to aid faculty with scholarly travel.

• The Office of International Affairs, directed by Holli Semetko, professor of political science and vice provost for international affairs, functions as a clearinghouse for information and resources for faculty involved in international research. Guidelines for travel safety and security may be downloaded from their website.

For this and other information, including an online newsletter and directory of faculty engaged in international research, visit

Part of the Office of International Affairs, the Halle Institute for
Global Learning sponsors seminars and fellowships at Emory and a
faculty study trip abroad.

For more information, visit

•The Institute for Comparative and International Studies, directed by Gordon Newby, Professor of Middle Eastern and South Asian studies, collaborates with faculty, departments, and programs in the arts and sciences to coordinate area studies and international programs.

For more information, visit

The part of the institute focused on undergraduate travel is the Center for International Programs Abroad, directed by Philip Wainwright of the history department.

For more information, visit