Great Expectations

Advice from the Lighter Side

Vicki Powers, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Emory's New President and the Idea of a University
Thomas G. Long, Bandy Professor of Preaching

Practical Matters
Rebecca Stone-Miller, Associate Professor of Art History and Faculty Curator

Economic Challenges and the Art of Education
Geoffrey Broocker, Walthour Delaperriere Professor of Ophthalmology

A Fresh Perspective for Perennial Problems
David Carr, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Philosophy

Teaching versus Research: Does It Have to Be That Way?
Lucas Carpenter, Charles Howard Candler Professor of English, Oxford College

Becoming a Top-Tier Research University
Lawrence W. Barsalou, Winship Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology, and Elaine Walker, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Ethics, Diversity, and Teaching
David B. Gowler, Pierce Professor of Religion, Oxford College

A More Positive University
Corey L.M. Keyes, Associate Professor of Sociology

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Take time to smell the roses. Although Emory is in the middle of a big city, we are blessed with a beautiful natural setting. A walk through Lullwater Park is a great stress reliever--unless the pollen count is over a thousand or it's a red-alert air quality day, in which case a fund-raising trip to Arizona might be nice.

Respect Emory traditions. Yes, our mascot is a skeleton named Dooley. No, we don't have a football team. Yes, you are required to drink Coke.

Remember that students are people, too. Yes, students are people, people with hopes and dreams. People with parents. Parents who are paying a lot of tuition and for what, so their son can get a C in calculus? How is this possible? He has never gotten a C in his life. What's wrong with your professors? With grades like this, he's never going to get into medical school.

Remember that faculty are people, too.
Yes, faculty are people, people with hopes and dreams. People with mortgages. People who could really use more money and what is this, a lousy 2.5 percent raise? How is this possible? Emory is one of the richest universities in the country, and all we get is a lousy 2.5 percent raise? And about those teaching loads . . .

Be prepared. You'll find that the three major administrative problems on Emory's campus are parking for the students, parking for the alumni, and parking for the faculty.

Be a good leader. An opportunity is doing something you don't want to do for which you get a reward. A challenge is an opportunity without the reward. Leadership at Emory is getting a faculty member to accept a challenge.

Welcome to Emory!