Desperately Seeking Tenure

Tenure (to the tune of "Señor" by Bob Dylan)
By Robert Pollack

Desperately Seeking Tenure
Controversies, Concerns, and Consensus
Scott Lilienfeld, Associate Professor of Psychology, Guest Editor

You could gauge the health of a university community by how well it handles the unconventional individuals. It’s an unhealthy university that can’t tolerate or deal with those sorts of folks.
John Snarey, Professor of Human Development and Ethics, President of the Faculty Council

The tenure process doesn’t have to manage you; you can manage it.
Sandy Jap, Associate Professor of Marketin

Tenure in the Medical School
What is it, and what does it mean?

By Robert Pollack
(To the tune of “Señor” by Bob Dylan)

Peer Review and the Public
The thorny question of post-tenure review
Mark Bauerlein, Professor of English

Exploring Tenure and Research at Emory
A view from the inside
Claire E. Sterk, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Public Health

Teaching and Tenure
Conceptions and misconceptions at Emory
Robert McCauley, Professor of Philosophy

“Collegiality” a Criterion for Tenure?
Why it’s not all politics
Ann Hartle, Professor of Philosophy

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Tenure, tenure.
Do you know where it’s hidin’?
How many papers am I gonna be writin’?
How much external cash must I secure?
Will there be any spark left by tenure?
Tenure, tenure
They say publish or perish
Committee work makes it hellish
Teaching well leaves time for nothin’ more
Higher education fails due to tenure
Well the last thing I remember
‘Fore I stripped and kneeled
Were the full professors in black leather and high heels
The chairman says “I’m sorry, there’s no vacant slot
And besides we want to hire somebody young and hot.”
Tenure, tenure.
True freedom of thought
Can’t be federally bought
After six years your co-option is for sure
Do you think we should abolish it?