The Test of Time

Departments and programs featured in this article

The Test of Time
Programs, departments, and the changing landscape of knowledge at Emory

Every program does not necessarily become its own field or discipline or department. The test really is time.
Mark Sanders, Professor of English and African American Studies and Chair of the Department of African American Studies

Because it’s an emergent property of the people who are here, a program can respond to and provide the most cutting-edge intellectual environment at that moment.
Paul Lennard, Director of the Program in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

“There ought to be something in Atlanta.”
How a program became a school

Departments and programs featured in this article

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Name Faculty Course of Study

African American Studies
(1971 founded; 2003 department)

7 core with joint appointments
(3 based in African-American studies)
2 visiting; 19 associated
Undergraduate major and minor
Environmental Studies
(founded 2001 as a department)
6 tenured and tenure-track
2 full-time non-tenure-track
7 part-time non-tenure-track
Undergraduate major and minor
Film Studies
(founded early 1980s; 2003 department)
4 tenured and tenure-track
Undergraduate major and minor, M.A.
Center for Neurodegenerative Disease (2000) 67 associated from 19 departments in 4 schools postdoctoral training for M.D.s, Ph.D.s, and M.D.-Ph.D.s
Program in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (1997) 59 core from 11 departments in 3 schools; 4 full-time non-tenure-track Undergraduate major
Women’s Studies (1986 founded; 2003 department) 1 full-time; 9 core with joint appointments; 74 associated Undergraduate major and minor, Ph.D.