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Volume 7
Number 1

Current Issue

What's New
Stringer receives rare board certification
Anthony Stringer, director of neuropsychology in Emory’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, has attained board certification in neuropsychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology
October 6, 2004

Flannery to be featured on "Thistle and Shamrock"
James Flannery’s book/recording Dear Harp of My Country: The Irish Melodies of Thomas Moore will be featured in October on National Public Radio’s “The Thistle and Shamrock.”
October 1, 2004

Theologian comments in New York Times on hip-hop and the church
Long-standing antagonism has diminished to the point where the blunt rhythms are heard more frequently during services
September 17, 2004

Presidential Powers of Recall
President Bush provides a case-in-point of the plasticity and imprecision of memory of major events
September 15, 2004

The Poetry of Memory
Poet Natasha Trethewey explores "what gets written down and what gets written out"
September 9, 2004

New Associate Editor of the Academic Exchange
Steve Frandzel joins AE staff
September 3, 2004

Psychiatry Department Member Killed
Xiaohong Wang, a promising researcher at the interface between immunology and psychiatry, was killed Saturday, July 24, in a car accident in China.
July 27, 2004

Faculty and Racism
A professor at Colby College discusses her efforts to form a collective of mostly white faculty members to become better allies to students of color on her campus.
May 10, 2004

Coping with Copyright
Highlights from a panel discussion on copyright law and scholarship
May 4, 2004

Washington Post Addresses Controversy about Courtright’s

Emory Professor of Religion Paul Courtright was featured in a Washington Post article about recent attacks on scholars of Hinduism.
April 15, 2004


Cover Story

The Present Past
The science and art of memory

Memories of emotional events, especially aversive ones, tend to attach themselves to anything around them.
Kerry Ressler Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Trauma in a weird way is about the future. . . . It's the sense that it's probably going to happen again.
Angelika Bammer, Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts

Also in this Issue

Upon My Return to the Chair
Identity and academic sacred space in Middle Eastern and South Asian studies
Gordon D. Newby, Professor and Chair, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies

Neuroscience for Bird Brains
An unconventional frontier for understanding social behavior
Donna Maney, Assistant Professor of Psychology

The Politics of Advice
Biased scientific information in government agencies
Mike Kuhar, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Neuropharmacology

Crossing Boundaries
How intellectual initiatives form and flourish
Paul Jean, Associate Director of New Research Initiatives, Emory College Office of Research, and Daniel Teodorescu, Director of Institutional Research, Office of the Provost


Continuing Conversations

Classroom on the Quad

September 11: Scholarly Responses

Tenure and Promotion

Science, Ethics, and Culture

Resources and Research

Research Across Disciplines


New and Emerging Inquiries

Scholarship and Society

Teaching and Mentoring


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