In This Issue

By A Nose
Jockeying in the Rankings Race

The Current Standings

Whither the NRC Study?

"I am not going to change our methods of calculation just in order to try and achieve a ranking higher than another institution."

"Part of the reason educational reputation is so important is because people—students, faculty, and administrators—derive much of their status from the status of their institution."

Graduate School and College Excellence
Does research reputation influence undergraduate rankings?

Peer Scorings and Rankings of Colleges and Graduate Programs and Research


The “Lecture Track” Reconsidered
Professional identity and aspiration among non-tenure-path faculty

Tales from the Lecture Track: Kristin Wendland, Music

Tales from the Lecture Track: Sheila Tefft, Journalism

Virtue and the Stewardship
of Academic Freedom

Reflections on ambition, conversation, and community


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Voices in This Issue

Frank Alexander, Law
Vialla Hartfield-Méndez,
Alexander Hicks, Sociology
George Jones, Biology
Earl Lewis, Provost
Pat Marsteller, Biology
Darryl Neill, Psychology
Bryan Noe, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Bobbi Patterson, Religion
Laurie Patton, Religion
Richard Rubinson, Sociology
& Graduate School

Sheila Tefft, Journalism
Daniel Teodorescu, Institutional

James Wagner, President
Daniel Walls, Admissions
Kristin Wendland, Music
Drew Westen, Psychology

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Oct/Nov 2005
Vol 8 No 2