In This Issue

Women’s Work?
Gender Equity in the Hard Sciences at Emory

Harvard's promise

Gender in the hard science faculty ranks at Emory

Hard sciences faculty by gender at other institutions

"What's happening along the way? Why aren't women choosing academia proportionately, and why aren't women staying in academia?"

"I think the 'nature versus nurture' question is not meaningful, because it treats them as independent factors, whereas in fact everything is nature and nurture."

The Crisis in the Humanities
So what else is new?

Sweeping Away the Dust of Everyday Life
Jazz and the Emory Experience

The Diary and the Map
Sartre and Foucault on making sense of history

This Old Sarcophagus
Life, death, money and chemistry in the Carlos Museum


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Voices in This Issue

Sandra Blakely, Classics
Anita Corbett, Biochemistry
Arri Eisen, Biology
Thomas R. Flynn, Philosophy
Judith Fridovich-Keil, Genetics
Susan Gilbert, Finance
Sue Jinks-Robertson, Biology
Barbara Ladd, English
Gary Laderman, Religion
Anna Leo, Dance
Roxani Margariti, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Gary Motley, Music
Preetha Ram, Chemistry
Kim Wallen, Psychology

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Sept 2005
Vol 8 No 1