Special Issue

Just Add Water
An interdisciplinary experiment

Reading and Resources

"Why do Atlantans not know that there are massive river systems throughout the state, that a major river runs through the city, that the city dumps all these effluents into it?"

"When the impervious [surface] area rises to 30 percent, the stream habitat becomes completely degraded. On campus, we have greater than 50 percent impervious area."

Safe Access
A social watershed

Water as Sacred
Jewish and Christian traditions

The Rarest Element
Despite centuries of research, mysteries of water remain



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Voices in This Issue

Anne Hall, Environmental Studies
Marc Miller, Law
Mary Elizabeth Moore, Women in Theology and Ministry
Sidney Perkowitz, Physics
Rick Rheingans, Global Health
John Wegner, Environmental Studies
Jack Zupko, Philosophy

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Apr/May 06
Vol 8 No 5