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Library Past, Library Present
The age and angst of digitization

Comparing Libraries

Copyright foul or access fair?

"You can never let up on the acquisition of printed materials. Print is fundamental to the humanities, and the visual images are far better than anything yet available through an electronic purveyor. "

"The pressure is on from our scholarly communities, who for certain tasks want print, but for convenience, access, and other reasons want electronic."


Reading Reading Lolita
Memory, memoir, and history

Ethics and Incompetence
Lessons from Hurricane Katrina

Science Study Abroad
The Whys and Why Nots


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Voices in This Issue

Gray Crouse, Biology
Timothy Dowd,
Sandra Franklin, Health Sciences Library
Patrick Graham, Theology Library
Frances Maloy, Circulation Services
Linda Matthews, Director of Libraries
Sarah McPhee, Art History
Edward Queen, Ethics Center
Preetha Ram, Emory College
Steve Strange, Philosophy
Lynna Williams, English and Creative Writing

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Dec 05 /Jan 06
Vol 8 No 3