2005 Emory Faculty Books
Compiled December 2005

2004 Emory Faculty Books

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Names in boldface indicate Emory faculty in the cases of multiple authors or editors.

Robert Agnew.  Juvenile Delinquency: Causes and Control (2nd Edition).  Roxbury Publishing.

Timothy Albrecht.  Grace Notes, Volume XII.  Augsburg Fortress.

Delores Aldridge and Carlene Young, Editors.  Out of the Revolution: The Development of Africana Studies.  Washington State University Press.

Delores Aldridge, Co-editor.  Every Black Woman Should Wear a Red Dress. Traces.

Delores Aldridge, Co-editor.  River of Tears: The Politics of Black Women’s Health (2nd Edition).  Traces.

Patrick AllittI’m the Teacher, You’re the Student: A Semester in the University Classroom.  University of Pennsylvania Press.

C. Grant Luckhardt and Maximilian A. E. Aue, Editors.  The Big Typescript: TS 213, German-English Scholars' Edition.  Blackwell Publishing.

John BanjaMedical Errors and Medical Narcissism.  Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Peggy Barlett and Geoffrey Chase.  Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change.  MIT Press.

Peggy BarlettUrban Place: Reconnecting with the Natural World.  MIT Press.

Elliot Bendoly and F. Robert Jacobs.  Strategic ERP Extension and Use.  Stanford Press.

Geoffrey BenningtonOther Analyses: Reading Philosophy, ebook at http://www.bennington.zsoft.co.uk.

Geoffrey Bennington.  Open Book/Livre Ouvert, ebook at http://www.bennington.zsoft.co.uk.

Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik and Michael S. BergerThe Emergence of Ethical Man.  Ktav Publishing House.

Gregory BernsSatisfaction: The Science of Finding True Fulfillment.  Henry Holt & Co.

Eugene C. BianchiThe Bishop of San Francisco: Romance, Intrigue and Religion.  Authorhouse.

John Boli and Frank Lechner.  World Culture: Origins and Consequences.  Blackwell Publishing.

Philippe BonnefisSept Portraits Perfectionnés de Guy de Maupassant.  Galilée.
Bracht Branham, Editor.  The Bahktin Circle and Ancient Narrative.  Barkhuis Publishing.

J. Douglas BremnerDoes Stress Damage the Brain? Understanding Trauma-Related Disorders from a Mind-Body Perspective.  WW Norton.

J. Douglas BremnerBrain Imaging Handbook.  WW Norton.

Michael Joseph BrownThe Lord's Prayer through North African Eyes: A Window into Early Christianity.  T & T Clark.

Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abas Al-Tonsi.  Al-Kitaab: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic, Part One (2nd Edition).  Georgetown University Press.

Cathy CaruthUnclaimed Experience: Trauma, Narrative and History (Japanese translation).  Misuzu Shobo Press.

Cathy Caruth, Editor.  History as False Witness: Trauma, Politics and War.  University of Amsterdam.

Yuk Fai Cheong, S.W. Raudenbush, A. Bryk, and R. Congdon.  HLM6: Hierarchical Linear and nonlinear modeling.  Scientific Software International.

Morgan Cloud and Philip E. Johnson. Constitutional Criminal Procedure:  From Investigation to Trial, (4th Edition).  Thomson/West.

RA Hatcher, M Zieman, Carrie Cwiak, et al.  Managing Contraception.  Bridging the Gap Foundation.

Desiree DayCrazy Love.  Pocket Books.

Cristina de la Torre, Vicotria García Serrano and Annette Cash.  iA que sí! (3rd Edition).  Heinle and Heinle.

Frans de WaalOur Inner Ape - A leading Primatologist Explains Why We Are Who We Are.  Riverhead/Penguin.

William B. DillinghamRudyard Kipling: Hell and Heroism.  Palgrave Macmillan.

Lisa Dillman, Translator.  José María Aznar: Eight Years as Prime Minister.  Planeta Publishing.

Noel Leo ErskineFrom Garvey to Marley: Rastafari Theology.  University Press of Florida.

E.W. Wolfe, C. Myford and George EngelhardMonitoring reader performance and DRIFT in the AP English Literature and Composition Exam using benchmark essays.  The College Board.

Alexander EscobarMythology for the New World: A Synthesis of Science and Religion.  Iuniverse.

Mikhail EpsteinVse esse, v 2 tt., t. 1. V Rossii, 1970-e ? 1980-e;  t. 2. Iz Ameriki, 1990-e-2000-e.  (All Essays, in 2 volumes: vol. 1. In Russia, 1970s-1980s; vol. 2. From America, 1990s-2000s.)  U-Faktoriia.

Mikhail EpsteinPostmodern v russkoi literature (The Postmodern in Russian Literature).  Vysshaia shkola.

Mikhail EpsteinNovoe sektantstvo: tipy religiozno-filosofskikh umonastroenii v Rossii, 1970-80-e gody (New Sectarianism: The Varieties of Religious-Philosophical Consciousness in Russia, the 1970s-1980s).  Bakhrakh-M.

Stewart A. Factor, A.E. Lang, and W.J. Weiner.  Drug Induced Movement Disorders. Blackwell Futura Publishing.

Karen Falkenberg, Editor.  Advancing Scientific Research in Education.  National Academy Press.

Wendy FarleyThe Wounding and Healing of Desire.  Westminster John Knox Press.

Martha Albertson Fineman and Terence Doughert, Editors.  Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus: Gender, Law, and Society.  Cornell University Press.

R.S. Greenberg, S.R. Daniels, W. Dana Flanders, John William Eley, and John R. Boring, Editors.  Medical Epidemiology (4th Edition).  McGraw Hill.

Tom FlynnSartre, Foucault and Historical Reason, Vol. 2: A Poststructuralist Mapping of History.  University of Chicago Press.

Richard D. FreerIntroduction to Civil Procedure.  Aspen.

Richard D. Freer and Martin H. Redish.  Federal Courts.  West.

Richard D. Freer and Wendy C. Perdue.  Civil Procedure:  Cases, Materials and Questions (4th Edition).  Lexis/Nexis.

Hans Eric Rasmussen-Bonne, Richard D. Freer, Wolfgang Lueke, Editors.  Balancing of Interests: Liber Amicorum.  Translated by Peter Hay.  Weitnauer.

Howard FrumkinEnvironmental Health: From Global to Local.  Jossey-Bass.
Sander GilmanFranz Kafka.  University of Chicago Press.

Elizabeth S. GoodsteinExperience without Qualities: Boredom and Modernity. Stanford University Press.

Anna Grimshaw and Amanda Ravetz, Editors.  Visualizing Anthropology: Experiments in Image-Based Ethnography.  Intellect Books.

Mary Gullate, Editor.  Nursing Management Principles and Practice.  Oncology Nursing Press.  

Lance GundersonAssessing and Managing Ecological Conditions and Roads Across Spatial and Temporal Scales.  National Academy Press.

Ricardo Gutierrez-Mouat, Editor.  Jose Donoso.  Mascarada: Tres Novelas Cosmopolitas.  Fondo de Cultura Economica.

Ira Berlin and Leslie M. Harris, Editors.  Slavery in New York.  The New Press.
Peter Hay. US-Amerikanisches Recht (3rd edition).   C.H. Beck Verlag with Verlad Helbing & Lichtenhahn and Manzsche Verlags- und Universitaetsbuchhandlung.

Peter HayLaw of the United States - An Overview (2nd Edition).  C.H. Beck Verlag.

Peter HayConflict of Laws (5th Edition).  Black Letter Outline Series, Thomson/West.

Carl R. HolladayA Critical Introduction to the New Testament: Interpreting the Message and Meaning of Jesus Christ.  Abingdon Press.

Thomas Janoski, Robert R. Alford, Alexander Hicks, and Mildred A. Schwartz, Editors. The Handbook of Political Sociology.  Cambridge University Press.

Timothy P. Jackson, Editor.  The Morality Of Adoption: Social-Psychological, Theological, and Legal Perspectives.  Eerdmans.

Cathryn Johnson, Editor.  Legitimacy Processes in Organizations.  JAI Press.

Adrian JohnstonTime Driven:  Metapsychology and the Splitting of the Drive.
Northwestern University Press.

Mark JordanBlessing Same-Sex Unions: The Perils of Queer Romance and the Confusions of Christian Marriage.  University of Chicago Press.

Dalia Judovitz, Co-editor.  The Body, in Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism.  University of Michigan Press.

Mark Juergensmeyer.  Religion In Global Civil Society.  Oxford University Press. 

Walter Kalaidjian, Editor.  Cambridge Companion to American Modernism.  Cambridge University Press.

Sonja R. Hardin and Roberta Kaplow, Editors.  Synergy For Clinical Excellence.  Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Kevin C. Karnes, Editor.  Music Theory in Britain, 1500-1700: Critical Editions.  Ashgate.

Corey KeyesRisk and Resilience in Human Development.  Lawrence Erlbaum & Assoc.

David G. Kleinbaum and Klein Mitchel.  Survival Analysis- A Self-Learning Text (2ndEdition).  Springer Publishers. 

Bruce M. KnauftThe Gebusi: Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World.  McGraw-Hill. 

Barbara LaddNationalism and the Color Line in George W. Cable, Mark Twain, and William Faulkner.  Louisiana State University Press.

Ruby LalDomesticity and Power in the Early Mughal World.  Cambridge University Press.

Frank Lechner and John Boli.  World Culture:  Origins and Consequences.  Blackwell.

Deborah LipstadtHistory on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving.  Ecco/Harper Collins.

Joseph Lipscomb, Carolyn C. Gotay and Claire Snyder, Editors.  Outcomes Assessment in Cancer: Measures, Methods, and Applications.   Cambridge University Press. 

Uma MajmudarGandhi’s Pilgrimage of Faith: From Darkness to Light.  State University of New York Press.

Diego R. Martin, Michele A. Brown, and Richard C. Semelka.  Primer On MR Imaging of the Abdomen and Pelvis.  Wiley-Liss.

Harvey Whitehouse and Robert N. McCauley, Editors.  Mind and Religion:  Psychological and Cognitive Foundations of Religiosity.  AltaMira Press.

Joy A. McDougall.  Pilgrimage Of Love: Moltmann On The Trinity And Christian Life. Oxford University Press.

Ian A. McFarland.  The Divine Image: Envisioning the Invisible God.  Fortress Press.

Linda Hong Wang, Anne Marie McKenzie-Brown, and Allen Hord.  Handbook of C-Arm Fluoroscopy-Guided Spinal Injections.  Taylor & Francis.

Richard D. Metters, Kathryn H. King-Metters, Madeleine Pullman, and Steve WaltonSuccessful Service Operations Management.  Southwestern-Thompson Publishing.

James Meyer, Editor. Carl Andre. Cuts: Texts 1959-2004.  MIT Press.

Richard P. Michael and Doris Zumpe.  Neuroendocrine Aspects of Primate Sexual Behavior.  Real U.

Kenneth P. Minneman and Lynn Wecker, Editors.  Brody's Human Pharmacology: Molecular to Clinical.  Elsevier/Mosby.

Judith G. Morgan and M.E.B. Carter.  Investigating Biology (5th Edition).  Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company.

Laura L. Namy, Editor.  Symbol Use and Symbolic Representation: Developmental and Comparative Perspectives.  Erlbaum.

Nancy J. Newman, Valerie Biousse, Neil R. Miller, et. al.  Walsh & Hoyt’s Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology (6th Edition).  LWW publishers. 

Frank Pajares, Co-Editor.  Adolescence and education, Vol. 3: International Perspectives on the Education of Adolescents.  Information Age Publishing.

Laurie PattonBringing the Gods to Mind: Mantra, Poetry and Sacrifice in Early Indian Ritual.  University of California Press.

Laurie Patton, Editor.  The Indo-Aryan Controversy: Evidence, Inference and History. Taylor & Francis Books.

Sidney PerkowitzDigital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids.  National Academies Press/Joseph Henry Press.

Bruce Birch, Walter Brueggemann, Terence Fretheim and David L. Petersen, Editors.  The Theological Introduction to the Old Testament (2nd Edition).  Abingdon Press.

Allen Platt, Susan Platt, and Cathy Hedrich.  Overcoming Pain (Paperback).  Hilton Publishing.

Alton B. Pollard, IIIHelpers for a Healing Community: A Pastoral Care Manual for HIV/AIDS (3rd edition).  The Balm in Gilead and MAP International, Inc.

Jose QuirogaCuban Palimpsests.  The University of Minnesota Press.

Jose QuirogaSexualidades en Disputa.  The University of Buenos Aires Press.

Albert RauberHistory of the Battle of Decatur.  DeKalb Historical Society.

Dennis M. Campbell, William B. Lawrence and Russell E. Richey, Editors.  Marks of Methodism.  Abington Press.

Barbara O. Rothbaum, Editor.  Pathological Anxiety: Emotional Processing in Etiology and Treatment.  Guilford.

Don E. Saliers and Emily Saliers.  A Song to Sing, A Life to Live: Reflections on Music as Spiritual Practice.  Jossey-Bass.

Raymond F.  Schinazi and Dennis C. Liotta. Editors.  Frontiers in Nucleosides and Nucleic Acids.  IHL Press.

Ron Schuchard, Co-Editor.  The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats.  Oxford University Press.

Pamela Scully and Diana Paton, Editors.  Gender and Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World.  Duke University Press.

Neil ShulmanMedical Madness.  Great Quotations.

Neil Shulman. The Corporate Kid; Kid Power: The Great Face-Off; and Drive Safe Stop Safe. Rx Humor.

Dianne StewartThree Eyes for the Journey: African American Dimensions of the Jamaican Religious Experience.  Oxford University Press.

Brent A. StrawnWhat Is Stronger than a Lion? Leonine Image and Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East.   Academic Press Fribourg and Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Carolyn Feher Waltz, Ora Strickland, and Elizabeth R. Lenz, Editors.  Measurement in Nursing and Health Research (3rd Edition).  Springer Publishing Company.

Vaidy Sunderam, Co-editor.  Computational Science.  Springer-Verlag.

Donald N. TutenFuentes: Lectura y redacción (3rd edition).  Houghton Mifflin.

Thomas Walker and Lee Epstein, Editors.  Constitutional Law for a Changing America: A Short Course (3rd editon).  Congressional Quarterly Press.

Nanette K. Wenger and Peter Collins, Editors.  Women and Heart Disease (2nd Edition). Taylor & Francis Books.

Stephen D. White.  Feuding and Peace-making in Early Medieval France.  Ashgate Publishers.

Stephen D. WhiteRe-thinking Kinship and Feudalism in Early Medieval Europe.  Ashgate Publishers.

John Witte, Jr. and Frank S. Alexander, Editors.  The Teachings of Modern Christian Teachings on Law, Politics, and Human Nature.  Columbia University Press. 

John Witte, Jr. and Robert M. Kingdon.  Sex, Marriage and Family in John Calvin’s Geneva I: Courtship, Engagement and Marriage.  Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

John Witte, Jr. and Eliza Ellison, Editors.  Covenant Marriage in Comparative Perspective.  Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

John Witte, Jr. and Steven M. Tipton, Editors.  The Family Transformed: Religion, Values, and Family Life in Interdisciplinary Perspective.  Georgetown University Press. 

Don S. Browning, M. Christian Green, and John Witte, Jr., Editors.  Sex, Marriage, and Family in the World Religions.  Columbia University Press.

Phillip Wolff, Ahn Woo-Kyoung, Robert L. Goldstone, Bradley C. Love, Arthur B. Markman, Editors.  Categorization Inside and Outside the Laboratory: Essays in Honor of Douglas L. Medin.  American Psychological Association.

Kevin YoungBlack Maria.  Knopf.

Kevin YoungTo Repel Ghosts: The Remix.  Knopf.

Theodor Klotz, A. Maziar Zafari and Marco Schupp.  Innere Medizin in Frage und Antwort  (Internal Medicine in Questions and Answers), (6th Edition).  Elsevier Urban & Fischer Publishing.