In This Issue

The Art and Science of Persuasion
Faculty, fundraising, and Emory's comprehensive campaign

The Development and University Relations Faculty Advisory Council

The Emory College Faculty Committee on Fundraising

"Faculty should know that this train is moving, and if there are suggestions or claims to be made or priorities to be established, this is the time to do it."

"Fundraising is an enormously long process, with hours devoted to stewardship."

Dangerous Ideas
The responsibilities of courageous inquiry

Emory's Living Room
The case for a university faculty club

A Day in the Life
Juggling family and academic science


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Voices in This Issue

Eugene Bianchi, Religion
John Bugge, English
Susan Carter, Development and University Relations, Law
Anita Corbett, Biochemistry
Alicia Franck, Development and University Relations
Carl Holladay, New Testament Studies
David Leinweber, History, Oxford
Earl Lewis, Provost
Pat Marsteller, Biology
John McGowan, Epidemiology
Polly Price, Law
Dave Roberts, Medicine,
Emory Clinic

Marla Salmon, Nursing
Ken Stein, History, Israeli Studies

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Feb/Mar 06
Vol 8 No 4