Out of Control
Alcohol abuse and academic life at Emory

Use and Abuse

Select Recommendations from the President's Task Force on Alcohol and Other Drugs

"Faculty members generally are more aware of what’s going on with students than the rest of us are. They see the impact more closely in terms of class absences, emotional trauma because of assault, and grades suffering."

"In Italy someone who is out of control because of alcohol is considered the lowest of the low as far as bad public behavior is concerned. Drunkenness is disgusting. American youth are always associated with drunken behavior, and they go from drunken to destructive."

An Image of Ethics
The response of the human brain to moral conflict

Neuroethics and Moral Progress
Toward an understanding of ethics decisions

Emory Indicators: Research impact on neuroscience

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Voices in This Issue

Dan Adame, Health, Physical Education, and Dance
John Banja, Ethics Center
John Ford, Campus Life
Kate Heilpern, Emergency Medicine
Michael Huey, Family and Preventive Medicine
Clinton Kilts, Psychiatry
Virginia Plummer, Student Health Services
Judith Raggi-Moore, Italian Studies

Jim Roark, History
Daniel Teodorescu, Institutional Research

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Oct/Nov 06
Vol 9 No 2