Encouraging Words

Reading to help you write

Vol. 9 No. 1
September 2006

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Who's Afraid of the IRB?
How the Institutional Review Board stepped into the research culture gap

Bolstering the Infrastructure

"If you look at the exponential growth in the amount of research dollars at Emory in 1990 as compared to 2005–06, it’s clear that we hadn’t invested in the overall infrastructure to keep pace with the volume of research and research dollars flowing through the institution."

"The granting organizations aren’t stupid. They’re going to go where they think can get a trial done fastest. If we’re slow, they’ll know about it and go somewhere else. When people approach me about doing clinical trials, they ask me how fast our IRB is. It’s one of their first questions."

Biography Redux
New interest in an old standard

Keeping Cultural DNA Intact
The Italian Virtual Class Chiavi di lettura method

Mixed Messages
Ten years after the Emory Commission on Teaching

Encouraging Words
Suggestions from the Manuscript Development Program

Reading to help you write

Emory Indicators


A Handbook for Academic Authors
Beth Luey (Cambridge UP, revised edition, 2002)
A teacher and scholar of academic publishing, Luey offers a frank guide to everything from revising a dissertation to formatting manuscripts and issues in electronic publishing. Her chapter on the variety of ways dissertations can be revised into books is particularly useful. Luey’s edited volume, Revising Your Dissertation, Advice from Leading Editors (California UP, 2004) offers practical advice on publishing in a variety of disciplines.

Getting it Published: A Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious about Serious Books
William Germano (University of Chicago Press, 2001)
A veteran of the scholarly publishing industry, Germano offers an insider’s insight into the process. While this book may be helpful to senior scholars, Germano’s advice on selecting publishers, writing proposals, surviving the review process, and understanding contracts should be especially helpful to junior faculty and graduate students. Plus it’s a pleasure to read. Germano’s more recent book, From Dissertation to Book (Chicago, 2005), focuses exclusively on revising the dissertation.

How Writers Journey to Comfort and Fluency: A Psychological Adventure
Robert Boice (Praeger, 1994)
A professor emeritus in psychology, Boice has studied how scholars write (or fail to) for decades. Author of several books and numerous journal articles, he tracks the obstacles to research productivity and outlines strategies for producing more with less pain. This book is a detailed overview of the program he has implemented with hundreds of scholars. A quicker read is his 1990 book Professors as Writers: A Self-Help Guide to Productive Writing (New Forums Press).

Manuscript Development Program web site: http://www.emory.edu/PROVOST/ManuscriptDev/index.htm