Going Global
How in the world is Emory?

Global Scholarship for Informed Action

Around Campus, Around the World

"I think we want Emory people working in global health to have a kind of distinctive, humble, non-arrogant, cooperative ethos."

"Is this an imperialist culture, in which we are getting the Emory name brand out, or is it a genuinely inclusive, reciprocal partnership?"

Swimming with the Turbot
Scholarship for a Global Public

We May Be Using English, But That Doesn’t Mean We’re Speaking the Same Language
Universalizing global knowledge


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Voices in This Issue

Abduallahi An-Na'im, Law
Edna Bay, Institute for the Liberal Arts
Peter J. Brown, Anthropology/Global Health
Rohit Chopra, Institute for the Liberal Arts
Joyce Flueckiger, Religion
Tom Remington, Political Science
Tom Robertson, Institute for Developing Nations
Pamela Scully, Women's Studies

Holli Semetko, International Affairs

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Dec 06/Jan 07
Vol 9 No 3