Drugs and Money
Pharmaceutical companies, academic medicine, and the flow of funds and favors

Reviewing conflict-of-interest policies

Funds flowing in

"We accept money because we need to do clinical trials, and that's where the rubber meets the road in this conflict-of-interest business."

"I'm not under any illusion that [drug companies] give money for the sake of neuroscience. They won't do a study if the potential is there for the outcome to have a negative impact on marketing."


Bringing the Big Questions to the Community
Re-imagining the Gustafson Seminar

Multiversity or University?
Pursuing competing goods simultaneously

On the failure of roots and the strength of weak ties


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Voices in This Issue

Peter Block, Cardiology and Internal Medicine
J. Douglas Bremner, Psychiatry and Radiology
Nassir Ghaemi, Psychiatry and Public Health
Regine O. Jackson, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
Howard Kushner, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts and Public Health
Thomas Lawley, Dean,
Medical School

Leslie Real, Biology
Don Stein, Emergency Medicine
James W. Wagner, President

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Feb/Mar 07
Vol 9 No 4