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The Greatness Game
Strengthening faculty distinction at Emory

On leave

“We have a distinctive institutional culture and history that is what we have to offer in the higher education world, and I don’t want to give that up in order to chase some abstract image of excellence.”

“I think in many ways some of the people who ask why this is this such a big deal are the very ones who are keeping the status quo.”

Faculty in Flux
Opportunities and challenges

The End of Work?
Riding the Retirement Wave

Hard Money/Soft Money
The two cultures


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Voices in This Issue

Eugene Bianchi,Emeritus College
Ken Brigham, Medicine
William Chace, English
Frances Smith Foster,English & Women's Studies
Tom Frank, Theology
Josué Harari, French & Italian
Nadine Kaslow, Psychiatry
Jack Kinkade, Biochemistry
Bruce Knauft, Anthropology & ICIS
Allan Levey, Neurology
Earl Lewis, Provost
David Lynn, Biomolecular Chemistry
Judith Miller, History
Harry Rusche, English
Don Saliers, Theology
Donald Stein, Emergency Medicine

Claire Sterk, Senior Vice Provost
Vaidy Sunderam, Computer Science
Gregory Waymire, Accounting
Nanette Wenger, Cardiology

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May 07
Vol 9 No 6