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Science in the Seams
Computational and Life Sciences Initiative redefines disciplinary lines

High-performance computing at Emory

“Everybody understands or recognizes the combination of computational and life sciences as very promising. . . . Few people have been working in this combination of fields long enough to have established a leadership presence.”

“Rather than 'deconstructing' nature into its simplest parts . . . , the twenty-first century will likely be spent trying to understand, scientifically, the nature of complex interacting systems by “reconstructing” complexity.”

Staging Science
Teaching, and learning from, the interdisciplinary class

Thinking Outside the Pipeline
The impact of the unexpected in work-life issues

Creative Minds and "The Greatness Game"
A Response


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Voices in This Issue

Amy Cook, Theater Studies
Michael Kuhar, Neuropharmacology
Lanny Liebeskind, Chemistry
Dennis Liotta, Chemistry
David Lynn, Chemistry
Rosemary Magee, Secretary of the University
Julie Seaman, Law
Vaidy Sunderam, Mathematics and Computer Science

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Sept 07
Vol 10 No 1