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Getting Real
The academic commitment to service learning at Emory

Further Reading

“I would love to see a day when students, staff, and faculty choose Emory because they want to pursue the finest liberal education in order to civically make a difference.”

“The setting for testing our theories of neighborhood transformation and social change is outside the classroom and in the community.”

New Covenants in Special Collections

In the Dangerous Hands of Undergraduates
The teaching mission of Emory’s Manuscripts and Rare Books Library

The Keeping of Records
Alice Walker’s archive as an act of self-authentication

The rising tide of faculty responsibilities

Letter to the Editor


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What‘s New

The Strategic Plan for Emory: Updates and Highlights

Religions and the Human Spirit Initiative

Voices in This Issue

Matthew Archibald, Sociology
Rudolph P. Byrd, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
Ronald Calabrese, Biology
Karen Falkenberg, Educational Studies
Vialla Hartfield-Mendez, Spanish and Portuguese
Maeve Howett, Nursing
Lynne Huffer, Women's Studies
Nadine Kaslow, Psychiatry
Bobbi Patterson, Religion
Michael Rich, Political Science
Ronald Schuchard, English
Dana White, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts

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April 08
Vol 10 No 5