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prediction cure
Prediction as the Cure

Gazing into the human body’s crystal ball

The “engineers” in bioengineering

“I find it interesting that it’s incredibly difficult to define health without talking about a default position—you know you have health because you’re not sick.”

“There’s significant new ethical ground to be broken here. . . . We’re collecting a large amount of personal information. How do you protect it, who stores it, how do you store it, who has access to it?”


Defending basic science

Looking South

Exploring Southern Spaces
The new terrain of Emory's multi-media scholarly journal

The Near Past
Tone and tension in writing about the modern South

now/laterStories from the Frontlines
Or, How to survive co-authoring a book (with your spouse)



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Voices in This Issue

Roberd Bostick, Epidemiology
Joel Bowman, Chemistry
Kenneth Brigham, Medicine
Clifton Crais, History
Joseph Crespino, History
Don P. Giddens, Bioengineering, Georgia Tech
Michelle Lampl, Anthropology
Kathy Parker, Nursing
David Partlett, Law
Ani Satz, Law
Pamela Scully, Women’s Studies
Allen Tullos, Institute for the Liberal Arts

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Dec 07/Jan 08
Vol 10 No 3