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Compiled December 2007

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Names in boldface indicate Emory faculty in the cases of multiple authors or editors.

Walter L. Adamson. Embattled Avant-gardes: Modernism’s Resistance to Commodity Culture in Europe. U of California P.

Delores Aldridge. Africana Studies: Philosophical Perspectives and Theoretical Paradigms. Washington State UP.

John Ammerman.
Booth, Brother Booth and Other Plays. University Readers.

Tonio Andrade. Fu’ermosha ruhe bian cheng Taiwan fu. Yuanliu.

Matthew Archibald. The Evolution of Self-Help: How a Health Movement Became an Institution. Palgrave.

Shahrokh Bagheri and Chris Jo,
Eds. Clinical Review of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Elsevier/Mosby.

P.J. Bauer. Remembering the Times of Our Lives: Memory in Infancy and Beyond. Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc.

L.M. Oakes and P.J. Bauer, Eds. Short- and Long-Term Memory in Infancy and Early Childhood: Taking the First Steps Toward Remembering. Oxford UP.

Edna Bay. States of Violence: Politics, Youth and Memory in Contemporary Africa. (Paperback.) U of Virginia.

Frank Berkowitz. Case Studies in Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Cambridge UP.

Peter Bing. Brill’s Companion to Hellenistic Epigram: Down to Philip. Brill Academic.

Earl Black and Merle Black. Divided America: The Ferocious Power Struggle in American Politics. Simon & Schuster.

Philippe Bonnefis.
Maupassant. Sur des galets d’Etretat. Editions Galilée.

David Borthwick. Spectral Theory of Infinite-Area Hyperbolic Manifolds. Birkhauser.

Courtney Brown. Differential Equations: A Modeling Approach. Sage.

Courtney Brown. Graph Algebra: Mathematical Modeling with a Systems Approach. Sage.

Frank Brown
. Guardian of the Memories: Searcy. Trafford.

Thomas Burns,
H. Bender and Z. Visy. Die römische Siedlung bei Barbac, Komitat Baranya/Ungarn/The Roman Settlement near Barbac, Komitat Baranya, Hungary. Verlag Marie Leidorf.

Robert Glicksman, David Markell, William W. Buzbee, Daniel Mandelker, Daniel Tarlock. Environmental Protection: Law and Policy, 5th ed. Aspen.

Patricia Cahill.
Shakespeare’s Richard III. B&N Books.

William Carney. Mergers and Acquisitions: Cases and Materials, 2nd ed. Foundation.

Tom Chaffin. Sea of Gray: The Around-the-World Odyssey of the Confederate Raider Shenandoah. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Kathleen Cleaver. Target Zero: A Life in Writing by Eldridge Cleaver. Palgrave.

Billie Jean Collins. The Hittites and Their World. Society of Biblical Literature.

Vincent Cornell. Voices of Islam. Praeger.

Bruce Covey. Elapsing Speedway Organism. No Tell Books.

Joseph Crespino. In Search of Another Country: Mississippi and the Conservative Counterrevolution. Princeton UP.

Cheryl Crowley. Haikai Poet Yosa Buson and the Bashô Revival. Brill Academic.

Frans B. M. de Waal. Primates and Philosophers: How Morality Evolved. Princeton UP.

Robert L. DeHaan and K.M.V. Narayan, Eds. Education for Innovation: Implications for India, China, and America. Sense.

Lisa Dillman. The World Through the Eyes of Writers. Anchor.

Lisa Dillman, Trans. Zigzag by Jose Carlos Samoza. Rayo/Harper Collins.

Richard Doner. Explaining Institutional Innovation: Case Studies from Latin America and East Asia. U of Puerto Rico P.

Astrid Eckert. Institutions of Public Memory: The Legacies of German and American Politicians. Sheridan Press.

Arri Eisen
. Science, Religion, and Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Controversy. ME Sharpe.

Michael A. Elliott. Custerology: The Enduring Legacy of the Indian Wars and George Armstrong Custer. U of Chicago P.

M. Garner, George Engelhard, M. Wilson, and W. Fisher, Eds. Advances in Rasch Measurement, Volume One. JAM.

Yayoi Uno Everett. The Music of Louis Andriessen. Cambridge UP.

L.D. Britt, Donald Trunkey, and David Feliciano, Eds. Acute Care Surgery. Springer.

Shoshana Felman.
The Claims of Literature: A Shoshana Felman Reader. Fordham UP.

Maisha T. Fisher. Writing in Rhythm: Spoken Word Poetry in Urban Classrooms. Teachers College.

Roberto Franzosi. Quantitative Narrative Analysis. Sage.

Sander Gilman. Race and Contemporary Medicine: Biological Facts and Fictions. Routledge.

Charles Goetz. The Great Entrepreneurial Divide: The Winning Tactics of Successful Entrepreneurs and Why Everyone Else Fails! Rathskeller.

Sharon Weiss and John Goldblum. Enzinger and Weiss’s Soft Tissue Tumors, 5th ed. Mosby.

Ursula Goldenbaum.
Berliner Aufklaerung: Kulturwissenschaftliche Studien. Vol. 3. Wehrhahn Verlag.

David Gowler. What Are They Saying About the Historical Jesus? Paulist

Jim Grimsley. Forgiveness. U of Texas P.

Mary M. Gullatte, Ed. Clinical Guide to Antineoplastic Therapy: Chemotherapy Handbook. Oncology Nursing Publishing.

Ricardo Gutierrez-Mouat. Jose Donoso: Mascarada. Fondo de Cultura Economica.

Carole Hahn.
SAGE International Handbook on Education For Citizenship and Democracy. Sage.

Herbert Cole, Michael Harris, Robin Poyner, Monica Blackmun Visona. A History of Art in Africa, 2nd ed. Harry Abrams.

Robert A. Hatcher, Miriam Zieman, Carrie Cwiak, P.D. Darney, M.D. Creinin, H.R. Stosur. Managing Contraception. Bridging the Gap Foundation.

John Heller, Trans. Color Atlas of Microsurgery of the Spine and Spinal Cord. Hiroshima UP.

Monique M. Hennink. International Focus Group Research: A Handbook for the Health and Social Sciences. Cambridge UP.

Susan Herdman
, Ed. Vestibular Rehabilitation, 3rd ed. FA Davis Publishers.

John Hayes and Carl R. Holladay. Biblical Exegesis: A Beginner’s Handbook, 3rd ed. Westminster John Knox.

Lawrence P. Jackson.
Ralph Ellison: Emergence of Genius. (Reissue.) U of Georgia P.

Mark Jordan. L’invention de la sodomie. EPEL.

Sidney L. Kasfir. African Art and the Colonial Encounter. Indiana UP.

David G. Kleinbaum, L.L. Kupper, A. Nizam, and K.E. Muller. Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods, 4th ed. Springer.

Naomi Alazraki, Mark Shumate, and David Kolby. A Clinician’s Guide to Nuclear Oncology. Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Michael Compton and Ray Kotwicki, Eds. Responding to Individuals with Mental Illnesses. Jones and Bartlett.

Barbara Ladd. Resisting History: Gender, Modernity, and Authorship in William Faulkner, Zora Neale Hurston, and Eudora Welty. Louisiana State UP.

Gary Laderman. Science, Religion, and Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Controversy, 2 vols. ME Sharpe.

Frank Lechner. The Netherlands: Globalization and National Identity. Routledge.

Frank Lechner and John Boli, Eds. The Globalization Reader, 3rd ed. Blackwell.

John A. Lennon. Aeterna (alto saxophone and electronics). Susan Fanscher. Innova Recordings.

John A. Lennon
. Serpent (flute,viola and harp). The Debussy Trio. Fatrockink Recordings.

John A. Lennon. Sirens (violin, cello and piano). The Trio Solisti. Bridge Records.

Jeffrey Lesser. A Discontented Diaspora: Japanese Brazilians and the Meanings of Ethnic Militancy, 1960-1980. Duke UP.

Scott Lilienfeld and W.T. O’Donohue. The Great Ideas of Clinical Science: 17 Principles that all Mental Health Professionals Should Understand. Routledge.

Donald Livingston. Introduction to Abel Upshur, A Brief Inquiry into the Nature of Our Federal Government (1840). Alethes Press.

Valerie Loichot. Orphan Narratives: The Postplantation Literature of Faulkner, Glissant, Morrison, and Saint-John Perse. U of Virginia P.

Robert B. Rucker, John W. Suttie, Donald B. McCormick, and Lawrence J. Machlin. Handbook of Vitamins, 4th ed. CRC Press.

Kristin Mann. Slavery and the Birth of an African City: Lagos, c. 1760-1900. Indiana UP.

Roxani Margariti. Aden and the Indian Ocean Trade: 150 Years in the Life of a Medieval Arabian Port. UNC P.

Walter Melion. Image and Imagination of the Religious Self in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Brepols.

Walter Melion. The Meditative Art: Studies in the Northern Devotional Print, 1550-1625. St. Joseph’s UP

James Melton. Pietism in Two Worlds: Transmissions of Dissent in Germany and North America, 1680-1720. Ashgate.

Charles E. Moore. Diagnosis and Treatment of Traumatic Injuries to the Pediatric Craniofacial Skeleton. Plural.

Keiji Morokuma and Djamaladdin G. Musaev, Eds. Computational Modeling for Homogeneous and Enzymatic Catalysis: A Knowledge Base for Designing Efficient Catalysis. Wiley and Sons.

Matthew Morris. A Bilingual Edition of Jean d’Arras’s Melusine or La Belle Histoire de Lusignan. Edwin Mellen.

I. Gladwell, W. Ferguson, and J. Nagy. Introduction to Scientific Computing. Pearson Addison-Wesley.

Claire Nouvet. Minima Memoria: In the Wake of Jean-François Lyotard. Stanford UP.

Gail O’Day and Charles Hackett. Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary: A Guide. Abingdon.

Mary Odem.
The New Latino South: Mexican Immigration and the Transformation of a Region. U of Georgia P.

Laura Otis. Müller’s Lab. Oxford UP.

Laura Otis. The Tantalus Letters. www.lablit.com.

Michael Leo Owens. God and Government in the Ghetto: The Politics of Church-State Collaboration in Black America. U of Chicago P.

Gyanendra Pandey
and Yunas Samad. Faultlines of Nationhood: India and Pakistan. Roli Books/Oxford UP.

Michael Peletz.
Gender, Sexuality, and Body Politics in Modern Asia. (Paperback.) Assn. for Asian Studies.

Sidney Perkowitz. Hollywood Science: Movies, Science, and the End of the World. Columbia UP.

Matthew J. Perry.
Toward a Theory of Human Rights: Religion, Law, Courts. Cambridge UP.

Bianca Premo and Ondina Gonzales. Raising an Empire: Children in Early Modern Iberia and Colonial Latin America. U of New Mexico P.

J.H. Kaas and T.M. Preuss, Eds. Evolution of Nervous Systems. Vol. 4: Primates. Elsevier.

Judith Raggi-Moore, Christine Ristaino, Jose Rodriguez, and Stefania Maggini. Italian Virtual Class: Chiavi di Lettura, Volume 2: La Campania. Emory Office of Technology Transfer.

Benjamin Reiss.
Theaters of Madness: Insane Asylums and Nineteenth-Century American Culture. U of Chicago P.

Thomas Remington.
Politics in Russia, 5th ed. Longman.

Mark Risjord
and Stephen Turner, Eds. Philosophy of Anthropology and Sociology. Elsevier.

Paola Malpezzi-Price and Christine Ristaino. Lucrezia Marinella and the ‘querelle des femmes’ in seventeeth-century Italy. Fairleigh Dickinson UP.

Vernon K. Robbins. The Invention of Christian Discourse: Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity. (Paperback.) Westminster John Knox/SCM/DEO.

A.M. Arvin, E.S. Mocarski, P. Moore, R. Whitley, K. Yamanishi, G. Campadelli-Fiumi, B. Roizman, Eds. Human Herpesviruses: Biology, Therapy, and Immunoprophylaxis. Cambridge UP.

Carlos Rojas.
Enigma de La Vie. Barcelona, Destino.

E.B. Foa, E. Hembree, and Barbara O. Rothbaum. Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD: Emotional Processing of Traumatic Experiences, Therapist Guide. Oxford UP.

Barbara O. Rothbaum, E.B. Foa, and E. Hembree. Reclaiming Your Life from a Traumatic Experience: Client Workbook. Oxford UP.

Barbara O. Rothbaum,
Ed. Pathological Anxiety: Emotional Processing in Etiology and Treatment of Anxiety. Guilford.

Paul Rubin. Economics, Law, and Individual Rights. Routledge.

R.B. Saltman, V. Bankauskaite and K. Vrangback, Eds. Decentralization in Health Care: Strategies and Outcomes. Open UP/McGraw-Hill Education.

Mark Sanders. Sterling A. Brown’s A Negro Looks at the South. Oxford UP.

T. Eisner, M. Eisner, and Melody Siegler. Secret Weapons: Defenses of Insects, Spiders, Scorpions, and Other Many-Legged Creatures, Updated. Harvard UP.

Frances Smith Foster.
Till Death or Distance Do Us Part: Love and Marriage in Antebellum African America. Oxford UP.

Luther Smith, Ed. Howard Thurman: Essential Writings. Orbis Books.
Tina Stark. Drafting Contracts: How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do.

Randall Strahan. Leading Representatives: The Agency of Leaders in the Politics of the U.S. House. John Hopkins UP.

Donald Verene.
Hegel’s Absolute: An Introduction to Reading the Phenomenology of Spirit. SUNY P.

D.J. Flannery, A.T. Vazsonyi & Irwin D. Waldman, Eds. The Cambridge Handbook of Violent Behavior. Cambridge UP.

Elaine Walker. Adolescent Psychopathology and the Developing Brain: Integrating Brain and Prevention Science. Oxford UP.

Lee Epstein and Thomas G. Walker. Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties and Justice, 6th ed. Congressional Quarterly P.

Lee Epstein and Thomas G. Walker. Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Institutional Powers and Constraints, 6th ed. Congressional Quarterly P.

Lee Epstein, Jeffrey A. Segal, Harold J. Spaeth and Thomas G. Walker. The Supreme Court Compendium: Data, Decisions, and Developments, 4th ed. Congressional Quarterly P.

Kimberly Wallace-Sanders.
Mammy: A Century of Race, Gender, and Southern Memory. U of Michigan P.

Drew Westen.
The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation. Public Affairs.

John Witte, Jr
. The Reformation of Rights: Law, Religion, and Human Rights in Early Modern Calvinism. Cambridge UP.

Frank S. Alexander and John Witte, Jr. Eds. The Teachings of Modern Catholicism on Law, Politics, and Human Nature. Columbia UP.

M. Christian Green, Amy Wheeler, and John Witte, Jr., Eds. The Equal Regard Family and its Friendly Critics: Don Browning and the Practical Theological Ethics of the Family. Wm. B. Eerdmans

P. L. Reynolds and John Witte, Jr., Eds. To Have and to Hold: Marrying and its Documentation In Western Christendom, 400-1600. Cambridge UP.

Phillip Wolff. Words and the World: How words capture human experience. Oxford UP.

Ofra Yeglin. Golden Love Poems: The Complete Sonnets of Lea Goldberg, Critical edition and Introduction, and Unpublished Primary Sources discovered by O. Yeglin. Sifriat Poalim.

Kevin Young. Black Maria: Poems Produced and Directed by Kevin Young. Knopf.

Kevin Young. For the Confederate Dead. Knopf.

S. Robert Kovac and Carl W. Zimmerman. Advances in Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Paul Zwier, Deanne Siemer, and Frank Rothschild. PowerPoint for Professors. NITA.