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The Long and Winding Road

Tenure and the Presidential Advisory Committee

Presidential Advisory Committee

“I get a lot of files to read for the PAC, and I start reading and say, Why am I spending my time? This is clearly someone there is no question about.”

“I think [the PAC has] helped to elevate the aspirations of the various units, to create a more uniform scholarly work culture. ”

Grady at the Crossroads
So are faculty

Pattern and Symmetry in the Human Body
A simpler side of complexity for teaching and learning

Why not buy lottery tickets?
Beyond "you can't win if you don't play"


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Voices in This Issue

Aaron Abrams, Mathematics and Computer Science
Martine Watson Brownley, English
Doug Eaton, Physiology
Robyn Fivush, Psychology
Niall Galloway, Urology
Skip Garibaldi, Mathematics and Computer Science
Ronald Gould, Mathematics and Computer Science
Nadine Kaslow, Psychiatry
Harvey Klehr, Political Science
Earl Lewis, Provost
Scott Lilienfeld, Psychology
Ruth Parker, Medicine
Charles Shanor, Law
Jagdish Sheth, Business

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Feb/Mar 08
Vol 10 No 4