Battling the Demons

Video: Dealing with students at risk

Vol. 10 No. 6
May 2008

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Battling the Demons
Students, mental health, and the specter of violence on campus

Getting help for troubled students

Video: Dealing with students at risk

“Today a student walks out of a math test and picks up the cell phone, and Mom knows immediately how the test went.
Parents haven’t cut the apron strings, and many little issues get blown out of proportion.”

The thing you’re most worried about is not someone going out and shooting people. . . . Suicide, eating disorders that can lead to heart attacks, alcohol and drug abuse that lead to accidents—those are the ways we lose students. ”

Sustainability and Scholarship
Rethinking the separation of academics and engagement at Emory

Re-imagining health care reform
From old paradox to new paradigm


A short video dealing with students at risk for mental health problems was released at the end of March and can be viewed on the Web. The three-and-half-minute video was produced in response to requests from both faculty and mental health experts at Emory, according to the email announcement of the video from Mark McLeod, director of the student counseling center, and Santa Ono, vice president for academic initiatives and deputy to the provost, whose offices collaborated on the production.

“Whether we like it or not,” the email message began, “we are all on the front lines in helping to identify and find support for students with emotional problems. In recent months the possible consequences of failure to do so have become painfully apparent, as we think of the students and colleagues who have fallen at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University. . . . We appreciate your attention to this important task, and firmly believe that watching this video may save lives.”

To view the video, visit RealPlayer software is needed for viewing.