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The New Reality
Emory faculty respond to a transformed economic world

Schools adjust to hard times
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“To suddenly have to do a complete, 180-degree about-face and think about where we can slow down, where we can cut, and constricting ourselves while trying to maintain some of our momentum and simultaneously go in the opposite direction—that's quite disconcerting.”

We are very stretched in a number of important areas. Our challenge is to find the right balance between reductions in staffing versus reductions in the collections.”

Conflict of Interest and Ensuring the Public Trust
Historical perspectives and current concerns

Hearing the Music
A composer considers audience response

Making Love to the World
The practices that sustain research


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What’s New

The Strategic Plan for Emory: Updates and Highlights

The Neuroscience Initiative
April 2009

Creating Community and Engaging Society
March 2009

Race and Difference Initiative
January 2009

Voices in This Issue

Gregory Berns, Psychiatry
Anita Corbett, Biochemistry
Alex Escobar, Biology
Steven Everett, Music
Bill Gruber, English
Charlotte Johnson, Office of the Provost
Rick Luce, University Libraries
Mike Mandl, Finance and Administration
Pat Marsteller, Biology

Carol Newsom, Theology
Ulf Nilsson, Graduate School
Bobby Paul, Emory College
Jeff Rosensweig, Business
Barbara Rothbaum, Psychiatry
Jim Wagner, University President
Eric Weeks, Physics
David Wynes, Research Administration

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April 09
Vol 11 No 5