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Ethically Engaged
Unraveling healthcare's knottiest problems

Researcher’s alleged transgressions lead to more ethics oversight

“Is it reasonable for [a patient] to be able to demand everything be done regardless of what that does to the healthcare system financially, or to its ability to serve a wider population?”

I don’t think the main role of the ethicist is to tell people what’s right and wrong. One who does that in my opinion abdicates one’s responsibility.”

Medicine and Compassion
Reaching across the silos to teach the "art" of healing

Calming Calamity
Things I've learned while I couldn't do my research

Egypt and Emory
Small collection, large footprint


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What‘s New

The Strategic Plan for Emory: Updates and Highlights

Race and Difference Initiative
January 2009

Predictive Health and Society
December 2008

Strengthening Faculty Distinction
November 2008

Voices in This Issue

John Banja, Ethics Center
Paul Cantey, Medicine
Nancy Eiesland, Candler
Peter Lacovara, Carlos Museum
Karama Neal, Biology
Rebecca Pentz, Winship Cancer Institute
Regina Pyke, Psychology
Judy Raggi Moore, Italian Studies
William Sexson, Grady Hospital

Elwood Spackman Jr., Emory Hospital and Wesley Woods
Paul Root Wolpe, Ethics Center

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Dec 08.Jan 09
Vol 11 No 3