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Names in boldface indicate Emory faculty in the cases of multiple authors or editors.

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im (Law). Islam and the Secular State: Negotiating the Future of Shari`a. Harvard UP.

Susan Youngblood Ashmore (History). Carry It On: The War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, 1964-1972. U of Georgia P.

Edna Bay (Institute of Liberal Arts). Asen, Ancestors, and Vodun: Tracing Change in African Art. U of Illinois P.

Ronald Barrett (Nursing). Aghor Medicine: Pollution, Death, and Healing in Northern India. U of California P.

David J. Bederman (Law). Globalization and International Law. MacMillan Palgrave.

David J. Bederman (Law). Classic Foundations of the American Constitution. Cambridge UP

Elliot Bendoly (Business). Excel Basics to Blackbelt. Cambridge Press.

Gregory S. Berns
(Psychiatry). Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently. Harvard Business School P.

N.R. Miller, N.J. Newman (Neurology), V. Biousse (Ophthalmology), J.B. Kerrisson. Walsh and Hoyt’s Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology: The Essentials, 2nd Edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

D.O. Kidd, N.J. Newman (Neurology), V. Biousse (Ophthalmology). Neuro-Ophthalmology. Blue Books of Neurology. Butterworth Heineman Elsevier.

J. Douglas Bremner (Psychiatry). Before You Take That Pill: Why the Drug Industry May be Bad for Your Health: Risks and Benefits You Won’t Find on the Label of Commonly Prescribed Drugs, Vitamins and Supplements. Avery.

Teresa L. Fry Brown (Theology). Can a Sistah Get a Little Help? Encouragement and Advice for Black Women in Ministry. Pilgrim P.

Teresa L. Fry Brown (Theology). Delivering the Sermon: Voice, Body, and Animation in Proclamation. Fortress P.

Kristen Buras (Educational Studies). Rightist Multiculturalism: Core Lessons on the Politics of Neoconservative School Reform. Routledge.

Martin Buss (Religion). The Concept of Form in the Twentieth Century. Sheffield Phoenix.

Rudolph P. Byrd (Institute of Liberal Arts). The Essential Writings of James Weldon Johnson. Random House.

Patricia Cahill (English). Unto the Breach: Martial Formations, Historical Trauma and the Early Modern Stage. Oxford UP.

C. Jean Campbell (Art History). The Commonwealth of Nature: Art and Poetic Community in the Age of Dante. Pennsylvania State UP.

Clifton Crais (History) and Pamela Scully (Women’s Studies and African Studies). Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus: A Ghost Story and a Biography. Princeton UP.

Ajit Varki, Richard D. Cummings (Biochemistry), Jeffrey D. Esko, Hudson H. Freeze, Pamela Stanley, Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Gerald W. Hart, Marilynn E. Etzler, Eds. Essentials of Glycobiology, 2nd Edition. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory P.

Venkat Narayan (Global Health) and Robert DeHaan (Educational Studies). Education for Innovation: Implications for India, China and America. Sense Publishers.

William B. Dillingham (English). Being Kipling. Palgrave Macmillan.

Lisa Dillman (Spanish and Portuguese), Trans. The Mule by Juan Eslava Galan. Bantam.

David Eltis (History) and David Richardson. Extending the Frontiers: Essays on the Transatlantic Slave Trade Database. Yale UP.

Noel Leo Erskine (Theology). Black Theology and Pedagogy.
Palgrave MacMillan.

David V. Feliciano (Surgery). Kenneth L. Mattox, Ernest E. Moore, Eds. Trauma, 6th Edition. McGraw-Hill.

Fisher, Maisha T. (Educational Studies). Black Literate Lives: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Routledge.

Roberto Franzosi (Sociology). Content Analysis, 4 vols. Sage.

Ami E. Iskandrian and Ernest V. Garcia (Radiology). Nuclear Cardiac Imaging: Principles and Applications, 4th Edition. Oxford UP.

Sander L. Gilman (Institute of Liberal Arts). My Fat: A Cultural History of Obesity. Polity.

Sander L. Gilman (Institute of Liberal Arts). Race and Contemporary Medicine: Biological Facts and Fictions. Routledge

Ursula Goldenbaum (Philosophy) and Douglas Jesseph, Eds. Infinitesimal Differences: Controversies between Leibniz and his Contemporaries, Walter de Gruyter.

James Arthur, Ian Davies, and Carole Hahn (Educational Studies), Eds. The SAGE Handbook of Education for Citizenship and Democracy. Sage.

Michael Harris (African American Studies), Ed. Seeing Black and Blues: African American Artists Long in the Storm. Third World P.

Robert Hatcher
et al. (Gynecology and Obstetrics). Contraceptive Technology, 19th Edition.

W. Michael Scheld, Scott M. Hammer, and James M. Hughes (Medicine), Eds. Emerging Infections 8. Blackwell.

John Johnston (English). The Allure of Machinic Life. MIT P.

Mark D. Jordan (Religion). Gay Adolescents Inside Christian America. U of Chicago P.

Kevin Karnes (Music). Brahms and His World, Revised and Enlanged Edition. Princeton UP.

Kevin Karnes (Music). Music, Criticism, and the Challenge of History: Shaping Modern Musical Thought in Late Nineteenth-Century Vienna. Oxford UP.

George Siber, Keith Klugman (Public Health), and P Helena Makela, Eds. Pneumococcal Vaccines: The Impact of Conjugate Vaccine. ASM P.

Tong-Soon Lee (Music). Chinese Street Opera in Singapore. U of Illinois P.

John Anthony Lennon (Music). 124 Guitar Studies Book. Michael Lorimer Editions.

Jeffrey Lesser (Jewish Studies). Uma Diáspora Descontente: Os Nipo-Brasileiros e os Significados da Militância Étnica, 1960-1980. São Paulo: Editora Paz e Terra.

Jeffrey Lesser (Jewish Studies) with Raanan Rein, Eds. Rethinking Jewish-Latin Americans. U of New Mexico P.

Kenneth Hepburn,
Marsha Lewis (Nursing), Jane Tornatore, Carey Wexler Sherman, Judy Dolloff. Manuale Del Caregiver Programma di Formazione per L’assistenza alle Persone Affectte da Demenza. Carocci.

William T. O’Donoghe, Katherine Fowler, and Scott Lilienfeld (Psychology), Eds. Personality Disorders: Toward the DSM-V. Sage Publications.

Stefan Lutz (Chemistry) and Uwe Theo Bornscheuer, Eds. Protein Engineering Handbook. John Wiley.

Paul Rubin and Hugo M. Mialon (Economics), Eds. Economics, Law, and Individual Rights. Routledge.

Mary Elizabeth Moore and Almeda Wright (Theology). Children, Youth and Spirituality in a Troubling World, Chalice P.

Lorraine V. Murray (Theology). Confessions of an Ex-Feminist. Ignatius P.

Joseph Pearce and Jef Murray (Theology). Divining Divinity. Kaufmann.

Keiji Morokuma and Djamaladdin Musaev (Chemistry), Eds. Computational Modeling for Homogenous and Enzymatic Catalysis. Wiley-VCH.

Victoria Nourse (Law). In Reckless Hands: Skinner v. Oklahoma and the Near-Triumph of American Eugenics. WW Norton.

Stephen Nowicki, Marshall Duke (Psychology), and Amy Van Buren. Starting Kids Off Right. Peachtree P.

J. Judd Owen (Political Science). The Democratic Soul: Religious Transformation and Civic Life in Tocqueville and the Enlightenment. U of Chicago P.

David Pacini (Theology). Through Narcissus’ Glass Darkly: The Modern Religion of Conscience. Fordham UP.

Harry G. Lefever and Michael C. Page (Environmental Studies). Sacred Places: A Guide to the Civil Rights Sites in Atlanta, Georgia. Mercer UP.

Gyanendra Pandey (History). The Gyanendra Pandey Omnibus. Oxford UP.

Laurie L. Patton (Religion), Trans. and Ed. The Bhagavad Gita. Penguin.

Allan Platt (Family and Preventive Medicine). Evidence Based Medicine for PDAs: A Guide for Practice. Jones and Bartlett.

Clark V. Poling (Art History). André Masson and the Surrealist Self. Yale UP.

L. A. Real (Biology). Time and Silence. Halona P.

Benjamin Reiss (English). Theaters of Madness: Insane Asylums and Nineteenth-Century American Culture. U of Chicago P.

Russell E. Richey (Theology). Extension Ministers: Mr. Wesley’s True Heirs. General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, UMC.

Paola Malpezzi Price and Christine Ristaino (French and Italian). Lucrezia Marinella and the “Querelle des Femmes” in Seventeenth-Century Italy. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

James L. Roark (History), Michael P. Johnson, Patricia K. Cohen, Sarah Stage, Alan Lawson, and Susan Hartmann. The American Promise: Fourth Edition. Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.

Vernon K. Robbins (Religion). Sea Voyages and Beyond: Developments in Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation. Trinity Press International/T & T Clark.

Vernon K. Robbins (Religion). Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Luke 1-14, Vol. 1. Westminster John Knox/SCM.

Vernon K. Robbins (Religion). The Invention of Christian Discourse: Wisdom, Prophecy, Apocalyptic. Deo Publishing.

Alice P. Rogers and Theodore Brelsford (Theology), Eds. Contextualizing Theological Education. Pilgrim Press.

Marina Rustow (History). Toward a History of Jewish Heresy: Rabbanites and Karaites in the Middle Ages. Cornell UP.

Marina Rustow (History). Heresy and the Politics of Community: The Jews of the Fatimid Caliphate. Cornell UP.

Bruce Rosen, Richard Saltman (Health Policy and Management), and Mordecai Shani, Eds. Health Systems: Are We in a Post-Reform Era? Israel National Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research.

Caroline Schaumann (German Studies). Memory Matters: Generational Responses to Germany’s Nazi Past in Recent Women’s Literature. De Gruyter.

Ronald Schuchard (English). The Last Minstrels: Yeats and the Revival of the Bardic Arts. Oxford UP.

Jagdish N. Sheth (Business). Chindia Rising: How China and India Will Benefit Your Business. Tata-McGraw Hill, India.

Lee J. Skandalakis, John E. Skandalakis, Panagiotis N. Skandalakis (Medicine). Surgical Anatomy and Technique: A Pocket Manual, 3rd Edition. Springer.

Anthony Y. Stringer (Neuropsychology). Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory Therapist Guide. Western Psychological Services.

Anthony Y. Stringer (Neuropsychology). Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory Patient Workbook. Western Psychological Services.

Colin L. Talley (Behavioral Science and Health Education). A History of Multiple Sclerosis. Praeger Publishers.

David Tal (History). The American Nuclear Disarmament Dilemma, 1945-1963. Syracuse UP.

Steven Tipton
(Theology). Public Pulpits: Methodists and Mainline Churches in the Moral Argument of Public Life. U of Chicago P.

Richard Valantasis (Theology). The Making of Self: Ancient and Modern Asceticism. Cascade Books.

Kimberly Wallace-Sanders (Institute for the Liberal Arts). Mammy: A Century of Race, Gender and Southern Memory. U of Michigan P.

S.W. Weiss (Medicine), J.R. Goldblum. Enzinger and Weiss’s Soft Tissue Tumors, 5th Edition. Mosby-Harcourt Brace-Elsevier.

John Witte, Jr. (Law). The Foundations of Faith, Freedom, and the Family. Trans. H. Ohki and Y. Takasakhi. Seigakuin UP.

John Witte, Jr. (Law). Vom Sakrament zum Vertrag: Ehe, Religion, und Recht in der abendländischen Tradition. Trans. Dagmar Kelle and Norbert Hahn. Gütersloh: Chr. Kaiser.

John Witte, Jr. and Frank A. Alexander (Law), Eds. Law and Christianity: An Introduction. Cambridge UP.

Cynthia Willett
(Philosophy). Irony in an Age of Empire: Comic Perspective on Freedom and Democracy. Indiana UP.

William J. Gradishar and William C. Wood (Surgery). Advances in Breast Cancer Management, 2nd Edition. Springer.

Ofra S. Yeglin (Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies). Love and Gold Poems: The Sonnets of Lea Goldberg. Sifriat Poalim Publishers Ltd.

Kevin Young (English). Democratic Vistas: Exploring the Raymond Danowski Poetry Library. Emory Libraries.

Kathryn M. Yount (Global Health) and Hoda Rashad, Eds. Family in the Middle East: Ideational Change in Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia. Routledge.