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Lessons from Liberia
Reconsidering international development, scholarship, and engagement

“The theoretical frameworks and principles of practice that have guided development activities for the past fifty years have not yielded the intended outcomes.”

To go into a post-conflict state that is wrestling with all of this in real time with real-world consequences, was a compelling opportunity. . . . I didn’t have to change who I was to be relevant.”

Anchoring Equality in the Human Condition
The concept of vulnerability

Dhondup’s Wisdom

Teaching and learning from Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns

Emory University Strategic Plan Update
What is happening and why we should care


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The Strategic Plan for Emory: Updates and Highlights

The Neuroscience Initiative
April 2009

Creating Community and Engaging Society
March 2009

Race and Difference Initiative
January 2009

Voices in This Issue

Elizabeth Bounds, Theology
Tom Crick, Carter Center
Arri Eisen, Biology
Martha Fineman, Law
Bruce Knauft, Institute for Critical International Studies
Earl Lewis, Provost
Makeba Morgan-Hill, Strategic Planning
Sita Ranchod-Nilsson, Institute for Developing Nations
Fred Sanfilippo, Health Affairs

Pamela Scully, African Studies and Women's Studies
Paul Zwier, Law

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Feb.Mar 09
Vol 11 No 4