Keeping the Spark

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The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence

Vol. 11 No. 6
May 2009

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Keeping the Spark
The challenges of staying creative over an academic career

Podcasts: The Challenges of Staying Creative: Stories from Emory

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence

“When people are willing to get ‘off track,’ that is when I see them at their most creative. When they stop worrying about traditional modes of recognition, they tend to be far more spontaneous.”

“I‘m quite happy to work on a project for a number of years and have it simply not realize itself . . . because I know there are other things that will come to fruition.”

“Having a community of scholars you relate to is important to creativity and important to grooming people to be creative thinkers.”

Show Up and Get to Work
Time, solitude, and creative breakthroughs

On Becoming a Scientist-Advocate
Creative new possibilities for approaching and teaching science

Crazy Thinking
How the most creative ideas get generated and selected


The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence will support the work of the office of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs in encouraging faculty development and excellence, particularly through the sponsoring of faculty programs in teaching, writing, research, and institution building. Each program sponsored will build intellectual community by 1) honoring the work of faculty at all levels and career stages; 2) encouraging and rewarding creativity and innovation; 3) disseminating information across disciplinary, departmental, and school boundaries; and 4) providing opportunities for follow-up and integration of programs within the regular life of the university.

Created in January 2009 by Provost Earl Lewis in response to a call from faculty for more support for teaching and professional development. Funded through the consolidation of previous provostial resources, such as University Advisory Council on Teaching, Gustafson Seminar, and so on.

Laurie Patton, Director
Donna Troka, Project Coordinator
Jamie Weems, Administrative Assistant

1599 Clifton Rd. Building, 5th floor, rooms 206 & 207

Coming Up

Third Annual Institute for Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts (IPLA)
Center for Academic Excellence, Center for Faculty Development
and Excellence
May 12–15, Oxford College
RSVP to Jeff Galle at:

Thirteenth Annual Pedagogy Seminar with Marshall Gregory
Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, Center for
Teaching and Curriculum
May 18–22 and 26–28; 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. each day
RSVP to Donna Troka:

Topics and Themes in 2009-2010
Professional development courses for assistant and associate professors
Distinguished Teaching Fellows Program
Event series on creativity at various stages in an academic career
Millennial Learner Series focused on teaching with technology
Gustafson Seminar on race and difference
Author Development Programs on digital scholarship
Religion and health seminar